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j_bliatout - March 1

i'm br___tfeeding my 5 week old baby. stool color has been the normal mustard color but recently has turned more green. is this normal or could he be sick???


pbj - March 1

Are you supplementing with formula at all?


Alycia - March 1

If you are b___stfeeding, this can be a sign that your baby isn't getting the hindmilk. The milk baby gets when a b___st is emptying is higher in fat, and it's necessary for baby to get this. Try to make sure baby empties a b___st before starting to nurse with the other one... this may take a few hours. You can call your local La Leche League for some advice, too... they're always really nice and helpful.


erin - March 1

sometimes green stool can mean they have an upset least in my son's case. does your child have mucus in the stool also? that could mean a stomach bug.


Britt - March 1

My 4 month old is formula fed and his poop did the same thing. It looked like spicy mustard for the first couple of months but then turned green and he couldn't be any healthier.


pbj - March 1

If you're supplementing with formula at all it can be green. If you bf exclusively it can be a sign of an upset tummy.


Erin1979 - March 1

Have you recently started giving iron supplements or a multivitamin? If there is iron in it, that is probably what it is. The iron in the formula is what turns their poop green. But if your are bf only, I agree, it is probably upset tummy.


olivia - March 1

If you are exclusively b___stfeeding, Alycia's comment is probably the cause. Not enough hind milk. Although the "this may take a few hours" part I don't agree with. 15-20 minutes on a b___st should be plenty! My daughter started doing one green poop a day at about week 5. The doctor said that if she did not seem upset and if the other poops were yellow and seedy, that I should not worry but try to nurse a little longer. Good luck.


Alycia - March 2

I didn't mean a few hours at a stretch - sorry if I wasn't clear! I just meant that if the baby only wants to nurse for a few minutes during one feeding, to make sure to put baby back on that b___st for the next feeding or two to make sure it empties.


KrisD - March 2

OH I just read that "few hours" comment and got a good laugh!! Can you imagine!? Also, perhaps it is something you ate?? I wouldn't be too alarmed... I am no longer breasfeeding, but my son's stools were beginning to chage a bit toward the end.... My dr told me green was w/in the normal range... ?!?



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