Come See My Baby And Share Yours

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cae - June 28

Hi everyone just wanted to share my slideshow with you all! Here is the link: http:// Keep dashes in. Please share your pics also.


Kel - June 28

He's adorable!! I have to you live in Wisconsin (the Packer outfit)??


Bonnie - June 28

Cae, you did an awesome came out great. ;) Who sang the song? I like that!


Narcissus - June 28

cae, gotta eat but I will check it out soon:) I am from WI if you happen to live there.


cae - June 28

Thanks Kel and Bonnie. I still am in the process of editing and making changes on it. I have to lighten up a couple of photos, and I am hoping to find more transitions and video effect that I can use for it. Bonnie I actually had this song saved on my window media player from long ago, but the original oldies one. But I wanted a newer version of it. I think Tiffany sings it.


Bonnie - June 28

Looks like one of you is into photography too, lol. Nice pictures! :)


cae - June 28

lol. You know I wasnt much into it, until my LO came around. Just been playing around with different programs, and trying to be creative. I still have much to learn, just hard to find the time, you know. Was Mason born on January also? Ethan was born Jan 26.


cae - June 28

Oh, I forgot to add. I am not from WI, my hubby loves the Packers and has our son trained


Bonnie - June 28

Well, if you are not into photography you have a good eye. You should consider it.....Yep,Mason was born January 23rd


mama3 - June 28

I don't have music or anything fancy. Not sure how to do that all yet. :) But you can go here to see my family. I love yours. you did a great job!!!!!!


cae - June 28

mama3, beautiful family! I like the pic with Jessica holding her baby sister. Cute!


Rabbits07 - June 28

okay, what am I doing wrong? I can't get to it....I keep getting 'page not available'. I'm copying and pasting it directly into the browser. Everyone else seems to be getting to it.....


Nerdy Girl - June 28

Rabbits, When I did a cut and paste, it added some characters to the beginning, for some odd reason. See if that's happening to you too.


Narcissus - June 29

It will not open for me...


Bonnie - June 29

There is a space after the http:// that shows up when you copy and paste. Just get rid of that space. :)


Narcissus - June 29

I tried that just now and same thing. No go.


TC - June 29

Cae, beautiful slide show. Mama3 you have a gorgeous family. Thanks for sharing. I have a video montage on my son's website ...or you could just check it on myspace. :)



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