Completely Different Baby Update On Getting Frustrated

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Sarahsmommy - February 7

Yesterday I posted that my baby was really starting to frustate me. Well I ended up taking her to the doctor last night so they could look at her ears and stuff and make sure nothing was wrong. Well after dealing with her crying and not sleeping during the day for so long they finally diagnosis her with colic, which is a relief and not. At least I know nothing serious is wrong. Well the doctor told me to give her gripe water, and after going 3 different places I found it. I have been giving it to her every 3 hours today and she is a completely different baby. She hasn't cried hardly any today, maybe when she was hungrary and that was about it. She has also slept almost all afternoon, I guess trying to make up on her sleep. But I was really pleased and just thought I would share.


Bonnie - February 7

That's so good to hear :)...what exactly is gripe water anyway?


cantfindit - February 7

where did you get the gripe water I have never seen it


Jennifer - February 7

Sarahsmommy: How old is she? Why did you give her the water. What does it do for them did your doctor say!


check here - February 7 remove any dashes (-)


maryann - February 9

Sarahsmommy, I'm glad things are getting better for you:) I just wanted to chime in and say that I started giving my son gripe water 2 days ago (its supposed to help with gas and stomach problems a__sociated with colic) and boy did he change into a different baby. I took him to the pediatrician today for a different issue and I asked him if it was ok to give my son gripe water, and he said it was safe, which makes me feel much better about giving it to him. I found mine at Long's Drugs. It's called Baby's Bliss. If you go onto their website, they tell you where you can find it by giving them your zip code. Gripe water definitely works for us.


erin - February 9

you can find gripe water at most drugstores, just ask the pharmacist or tech to help does help. i'm very happy for you sarahsmommy!


Kaeli - February 9

I gave my baby gripe water and within 2 minutes he had ma__sive spit up alllll over me. I tried it 3 times, happend each time. : ( No more for my baby... Which brand did you use? Mine was baby bliss.


karine - February 9

i buy "teddy's choice" brand. wich i buy at my local grocery store. i pay 3.99$ for 250ml bottles


Kaeli - February 9

To Karine - Does that brand have peppermint in it? Someone told me the ones with peppermint are more soothing to the babies belly. Of course, that was AFTER I bought the Baby Bliss which doesnt have it!! haha


lacy - February 9

To those that can FIND gripe water: where do you live???


maryann - February 9

San Diego, CA Go online to and use the store locator and that should help you find some in your area



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