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newbie - April 4

my 7 week old DD doesn't coo or smile. she's a very quite baby. she cries but that is it, but only when she needs something. when did your baby start doing these things? should i be concerned? she was 5 weeks early. maybe this is the reason.


TRP - April 4

I would give it some time. All babies develop at different rates. My dd probably started cooing, on purpose at least, at about 2 and a half months. I wouldn't worry too much! I'm sure she'll start! Just always talk to her and smile at her, etc. That will make her want to respond faster! Good luck!


newbie - April 4

when we play with her she gets mad. she is developing a very bossy personality. i think she is getting this from me. we hold her constantly. she won't have it any other way. during the day i try to play with her by playing with her cheeks and she loves to be talked to. she just looks and gets very quite like she is taking every word in, and some times she looks as if she wants to smile but it just won't come out. i know every child developes at her own time but she was so ahead with being alert and holding her head up.


pbj - April 4

Hi newbie. I have no personal experience with premies (I don't know if she qualifies as a pemie?), but if she is, it can be the reason. All babies develop at a different pace, but premies definately have their own schedule. I personally wouldn't be concerned about it, but maybe you want to mention it to her ped. You should have her 2 mth ck up soon.


TRP - April 4

Maybe get a little floor gym and let her play on her back, if she's not ready for tummy time. That's good stimulation for them and she may even like it. I know you said she mostly like to be held, but maybe she will be too distracted by the toys, etc., to notice she's not being held. I know my dd loved the floor gym!


TRP - April 4

Oh, or even a bouncer seat that has the lights and toys on the bar that you can attach would be good. My dd was cooing in that thing all the time, I guess she was cooing at the flashing lights or toys!?


tiffani - April 4

I remember reading somewhere that premies have 2 "ages" one being the day they were born, and the other being their actual due date. I think when it comes to milestones (smiling and cooing ) you are supposed to use their due date as their age. So, if your daughter was 5 weeks early, then developmentally, she's only 2 weeks old. Does this make sense? With that being said, I think you shouldn't be alarmed at all if she's not yet cooing or smiling. Sleeping around the clock is very normal for a 2 week old. :o)


crh - April 4

I wouldn't be worried as she was 5 weeks early. My son was bormn 9 weeks early and they measured his developement in actual age and gestational age, so tiffani is right. She would technically be 2 weeks old and should catch up soon. It took my little guy about 6 months or so to be up to par developmentaly


Sarahsmommy - April 4

I agree that she should only be about 2 weeks so it will probably be about a month to a month and a half before she smiles and they usually start to coo about the same time. About liking to be held all the time they kind of outgrow this. They are kind of used to be snugglied all the time because they are so close and tight in your tummy and it's a big adjustment to out in this big world. Are you swaddling her when you lye her down? That usually makes a huge difference.


newbie - April 4

it's 50/50 with swaddling, sometimes she likes it and sometimes she fights it. I don't mind holding her as much as she needs.after all she is just a baby. you cant help but want to. this is my first time posting and i want to thank everyone for being so helpful. it's good to know that other people have had and do have the same concerns.


kimberley - April 6

Hi newbie......My daughter was 4 weeks premmie and she is my 4th baby. I too was worried that she hadn't started smiling as early as my other babies, and my doctor said "well she was 4 weeks early" I think it makes a slight DD is 8 weeks now, and she smiles a lot :) As for the coing etc...this usually starts between 2-3 month mark. Laughing in my other babies started at around 7-8 weeks, I would clap there hands together, and they would giggle, but my DD doesn't laugh as of yet, again, it may be because she was early. I am not concerned though. Maybe just mention it to your doctor....but I am sure all is fine.


newbie - April 6

i did askk my doctor last week... i told him that i thought maybe it was because she was a premmie and he said he wouldn't consider her one but i do she is still only 7 lbs at 8 weeks. all he said is that most babies are already doing these things and that just made me more worried


erin - April 6

i'm shocked that your doctor told you that. at 7 lbs, she's a tiny thing for 8 weeks. i agree with tiffani...i read also that preemies have two different ages, therefore, they may do things at a different rate. i would give your little girl sometime...she will come around with cooing eventually. try not to worry this soon. if she were born by her due date, she would only be around 3 weeks now...think of it that way. just make sure you let us know when she coos for ya, it's the greatest sound!


kimberley - April 6 she is tiny.....are you BF or formula? How much did she way at birth?


MommyG - April 6

Mine started around 4 weeks. I'd definately not worry, especially since you mentioned your daughter was premature. I believe the general rule is to add the weeks she was premature to her chronological age and that would be more or less the time you should expect each new step of development. So... she might just not be ready yet. But, if you are very concerned definately talk to your doctor about it.


newbie - April 6

my dd was 4lbs and 14oz. i developed toximia ( i was at stroke level my bp got up into the upper hundered on the bottom) and was put in the hospital i was in the hospital for one week and on strict bedrest for another week and a half before i had a c-section because we were afraid of the strain of labor on her. while in the hospital i had 2 steriod shots to help develope her lungs a little more. thank goodness she never needed help breathing . we were at the hospital for 3 days and when we left they said she was in better shape than i was.


newbie - April 6

oh and im formula feeding never had milk come in.



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