Concerned About 9 Month Old Falling

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raeshawn - April 5

My 9-month old is extremely active. I'm so worried about her because she is into everything. I can't get anything done because she refuses to sit in anything, I've purchased for her. I currently have four items: infant rocker, walker, swing and high chair. She just wants to be on the floor all the time. She pulls up onto anything that can hold her weight. Toys, tables chairs etc. The problem is I've already had to take her the emergency room because she hit her face on a table. Last week she hit her face on a chair and had a black eye. I have to watch her every second because she crawls and moves so fast. She falls down and hits her head. Today she has fallen 4 times. Each time she does this she cries for a couple of minutes and she's right back at it. So I was wondering, if anyone else is going through this and if so, how are you/did you tackle this situation??


kim d - April 5

mine is too!! so hard to get anything done. he's been after this one plant for weeks now and when i was sure he was in hot pursuit of the cat i went out to get the vacuum and crash, the plant was down and he was crying beside it. not hurt or anything just scared i think. what i try to do is wear him in the snugli, try that if you have one. you can get quite a lot done!! she may even have a quick cat nap too :)


melissap - April 6

My middle ds was walking by 7.5 months and could climb out of the exosaucer, playpen and crib!! He was constantly falling and banging himself up. This is fairly normal. I don't think there is anything you can do other than take out all the unsafe items that she could pull over on herself, coffe tables with sharp edges ect. My ds has an extremley high pain tolerance and has never learned from any of his accidenents. He is now 4 and has fallen down the stairs 4 times in the last 3 months (he can unhook the gate that I can hardly undo) It is extremley hard to take but I have never really made a huge deal out of falling and baning heads unless they were really hurt. I have a cousin who babied her son and he would fall even at 4 and look for his mom and then start screaming. Try and keep a watch on her and maybe a snugli although it is hard to get anything done. I had to take ds to the bathroom with me until he was 2.5 or he would be on top of the fridge. I am really hoping my 4 month old is not going to be like that. Good luck.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - April 7

My DD (7 months) will play in something,but no longer then 5 minutes. When I mop my floors she is always RIGHT THERE. She plays on her own until she sees me with something cool (mop, broom, towel ect) and I have to hold her while I vac_m because she likes watching it move, which is hard becasue she is practically head down laughing at the vac_m and its crazy. So If DH is here he takes her to another room. I have back pain since I am pregnant I can't do a snugli. So I will be cleaning and she tries climbing up things and falls back. Or I am doing something and she can't get herself down so she screams bloody murder til I sit her down lol. She tries crawling over matter where we put her car seat she tries to get in it and when it tips she smashes a finger or it tips and lands on her so its so hard watching her just going to the bathroom. I don't take her, but there are times where she takes off and gets into something or hurts herself. Or i think she is sleeping and I come back and she is trying to get off the bed. I don't worry to much. Just after she hits her head I watch her for an hour and don't let her sleep. If they are normal in that time period they should be fine.


gurinsa - April 7

My 9 month old is falling all the time too! Just yesterday she nailed her chin/lip on the coffee table and it was bleeding - poor thing. She thinks that she can stand up but loses her balance quickly and topples over. She cries continuously if she is not standing up (or holding onto someone's hands for steadiness). Its pretty rough right now but I think its just something we have to deal with and keep our eye on! good luck



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