Confused About Pumping

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ssmith - May 15

I would like to introduce my daughter to a bottle in about a month, and would like to pump my br___tmilk...but I am confused. When are you supposed to pump? If I pump before a feed, there won't be enough milk for the baby. If I pump after a feed, the baby will have drained my milk so there's nothing to pump. When are you supposed to do it?


Heather F - May 15

When I pump I feed the baby on one side and pump the other or I pump first thing in the morning after she eats because I am so full when I wake up.


ssmith - May 15

Okay, I'll remember that. What kind of pump do you have? I have the Avent Isis, but have never really had much luck getting more than an ounce or there a trick to it?


Heather F - May 15

I have a medula and I can get 6 oz if I pump both sides.....I know thinking about my baby helps.


sarahbaby11 - May 15

i pumped with my first because she wouldn't take the b___sts directly from having been taken away after birth and been giving a bottle. she never wanted the b___sts but i wanted the benefits. i had that concern but if you pump your body will start to produce more milk after a while so you will have enough for a feeding plus another sometimes. remmeber you can pump twicw to make one feeding as long as you freeze with in 24 hours.


Rabbits07 - May 15

ssmith...if I remember correctly from other posts your baby is only 3 or 4 weeks old, right? 1-2 oz. at this time is normal for pumping. As baby gets older and eats more and you get more skilled at pumping you will be able to pump out more milk. Ma__saging the b___st before and every once in a while during pumping also helps encourage a good flow.


Sam - May 16

Rabbits07 is right. Pumping is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Don't hesitate to call your hospital's lactation consultant or one of the "mommy group" facilitators from your hospital or through your pedi. They can be super helpful. Heather's plan is good--pump right after the baby feeds. You'll get all the milk he or she didn't take, and keep your milk supply high. Also, if you pump at the same time every day, your body responds by producing milk at that time. The amount you get will totally depdn on teh time of day. Morning is best for milk production.


psychology - May 16

I would pump 1.5 hours after I feed her and 1.5 hours before (that's when she would eat every 3 hours)....having her right there in front of me and thinking of her eating helped. AT three weeks old, I would only pump like 2 ounces....and then it got better.


meme - May 16

I think the more you nurse and/or pump, the more milk you have. I myself am having problems pumping. I seem to have a weird phobia of it. lol


ssmith - May 16

Thanks. I think I have a strange aversion to pumping too...Boy...they say that b___stfeeding is SO natural etc etc, but it's not! The whole thing is very complicated!!


psychology - May 16

I have to agree that b___stfeeding in complicated... I had to stop at two months....she was eating every 1.5 to 2 hours...and I was NOT sleeping at all (and could not pump to get a break since she was eating so often..) I felt so guilty when I stopped.... but my goal when I started was to b___stfeed her for 2 months and I did it. It IS hard to have to be there 24/7.



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