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amberC - January 19

Today i took my six week old to the doctor for a checkup and she is now 10 lbs 8 oz. She was born 7 lbs 7 oz. The doctor said she is in the 75th percentile now. He said it was okay but if she keeps on this path we will have to do something. What does this mean? I know i should know but i have no idea if this is bad or what the heck percentile means anyway!! Please help kinda worried.


LisaB - January 19

Your doctor needs to relax and quit freaking you out. The percentile is just where your daughter falls in comparisson to other child her age. My ds has always been on the small side 8%, 3% ect. Many other have babies that have always been on the high side. I would think your doctor id referreing to you daughter being to big as a concern for obesity in the future and frankly hes nuts its way to early to even think about that. SO don't worry about it and if in the futre he makes comments such as that seek a sencond opinion before anything.


piratesmermaid - January 19

I agree w/ LisaB. Your doc is making you worry for know reason. The 75th percentile means that 75% of babies at the same age is the same size or smaller. My dd has been between the 80th and 90th percentile for the past 4 months (and she's 6months old now, she was in the 70-75th percentile before that).


ssmith - January 19

I would say FORGET the percentile charts!!!!!.....what matters is that your daughter is happy and healthy and steadily gaining weight. The percentile chart measures where your child "ranks" in terms of height and weight. So, the 75th percentile means that your baby is heavier than 75% of other babies, and only 25% are heavier than your baby. In my opinion....percentile charts are good to track babies that are very small or very large....but are kind of unnecessary for everybody else. I wouldn't give it another thought!!


piratesmermaid - January 19

...worry for *no* reason. Oops!!


18wbabynov - January 19

thats rediculous... my dd just went for her 2 month today, and is in the 99% for height and 95% for weight... 75% is really good... i think he may have meant that she gained so quickley, but that is also a good sign, that she is thriving well! dont let him freak u out. each baby in different... and she sounds perfect!


mcatherine - January 19

My ped explained to me that the only time he became concerned was when the weight percentage was 10% higher or more than the length percentage. My son has always been in the 70th - 75th percentile and all I have heard from my ped was that he was perfectly healthy! I don't understand why so many peds are freaking out all of the sudden!


ash2 - January 19

The only thing percentile means is 75 percent of the babies in the USA are the same weight / height is yours.


amberC - January 19

lol thank you ladies so much!! i was freaking out. im a first time mom obviously and i worry so much! i drive myself nuts! i feel so much better now that i dont have anything to worry about right now!! Thanks You


Lchan - January 19

Doctors don't use the percentile chart to compare your child's development against other children. Drs use the percentile chart to compare you child's growth to the child him/herself. There is a wide range of normal weights. For example babies are born between 6-10 lbs. You don't want to see a 10lb (100%) baby weigh only 13 lbs at 2 months. This baby wouldn't be growing well and could have a health problem. But for a baby born at 6lb (25%) weighing 13 lbs at 2 months means that they doubled their size and are healthy.


Jenn2 - January 19

What??? I can't believe your doc said this. My dd is in the 97% for weight and 100% for height, and our doc said that was totally fine!!! I can not picture a doctor saying something will need to be done about this. 99% of the time its genetics............what the HELL is your doc talking about??? Dont worry 75% sounds great!!!


Jenn2 - January 19

oh......and just to dd started out at 8.5 pounds.....which is larger than average, but not huge.


Rabbits07 - January 19

Do what? Put a rock on her head and starve her? I can see a doctor being worried about a baby falling down the chart, but I'm confused about a dr. being concerned about a baby growing...that's weird. I would ask him exactly what his concern stems from.



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