Constantly Feeding Him Allll The Time

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Ashley86 - December 18

I hear everyone talking about schedules...but i feedon demand for my newborn...he is 3 wks and 3 days and oh my is like he eats constantly...he is maybe actively awake for 2 hours of the day AT the MOST that isn't spent feeding (he is bf) Sometimes he'll be eating while sleeping! And sometimes when he falls asleep and moves his head to my br___t,..then as soon as I try to lay him in his bed or swing he'll wake up and fuss for my br___t immediately...he won't even let me pull my bra into position sometimes before he wants it matter how delicate or slick I try to be about it. Did or are your LO's do/doing this? Is this normal? He's eating right now and has been for a good hour or So...he's eating properly, and I get a good supply, he's gaining normally, all that...when he's not eating he's happy...unless he's crying to be fed or changed...he won't even take a pacifier! It's like he considers me his walking pacifier. So, anyone else? Is there anything I can do to wean him off of eating quite so much if it ISN'T normal?


January - December 18

hey Ash.. googgle something called nibble nursing.. sounds like the same thing Candle does.. but also keep in mind that 3 and 4wks they go thru a growth spurt and will cluster feed.


Ashley86 - December 18

yea, cluster feeding sounds exactly like what he does, cuz he'll sleep from about 1 am to 7 am...and in the mornings he sleeps great. I think i may have accidentaly got him into this schedule because I like sleeping in in the in mornings he'll eat for 20-30 minutes, then sleep for about 2 to 2 and a half hours. The nibble nursing doesn't sound accurate solely because he feeds completely awake for an hour at a time, sometimes more like he is pacifying. I definitely feel better knowing about cluster feeding. I think he's a mix of cluster feeding and just pacifying and wanting to cuddle a lot. even at the hospital he made it a point to cuddle and be close. He tends to not like being put down much at all. I can lay him on my bed, but unless he's heavily asleep, he won't go to his ba__sinet or swing. He'll sleep in his swing for all of about 10-20 minutes before waking and wanting to play and be active.. Now that he's in his sleep cycle time, he's sleeping on me as I sleep. It tendsto be morein the evenings until he is ready to sleep for the long haul.


angelinakai - December 18

This sounds exactly like my son when he was that age. My Dr. told me to put him on a schedule, so I read Babywise, which I really recommend and I read a couple of other books, too, to help me to know how to put him on a schedule. It made him feel better and it helped me to be able to do something other than nurse. I started the schedule by writing down everything he did for 2 or 3 days and then looked at the pattern. then I started feeding him every 3 hours and if he got hungry before 3 hours, i would try to distract him for as long as i could. it was actually easier than i thought it would be. Then i would do the eat, play, sleep routine where he would eat and then play for 30 mins or so and then i would lay him down for his nap for 1-2 hours. he is 12 weeks now and stll on this schedule, except that he eats every 4 hours now. the naps have helped so much. at first i coudlnt put him down or he would cry, but i just put him in the same place for all of his naps ( in his pack and play) and he got used to it very quickly... which surprised the heck out of me! i hope this helps. i remember saying that i felt like all i was to my son was a milk factory lol.


excited2bemama - December 18

I have to disagree with ANGELINAKAI- Its 100% totally normal for a baby that young to want to nurse that much. Babies nurse for comfort and sucking is soothing and they get to be near mama.. Its totally normal. My dd did it for weeks and now that she is teething (she is 6 months) she is on the b___st again at least once an hour (like like 2-5 min) during the day. She sleeps all night without nursing. He may be going through a growth spurt or he may be hungry or he may just want to be near you. If you feed on demand you know youhave the milk he needs- At 3 weeks he is probably still building your milk supply. Its also normal that they cluster feed before bed and then sleep a long stretch. 4 hours is a REALLY long stretch for a b___stfed baby to go during the day.. My 6 month old has never gone that long without nursing during the day. You can keep trying to get him to take a paci... try different kinds.. and after say 30 min or so try taking him off your b___st to give your nipples a break. WIll he suck on your finger? But I would defiinately keep nursing on demand. It does get better. They get to be really fast nursers and nurse less often.. (except when they are teething and need the comfort). You have to be really careful with babywise.. I thought it was a good sch too and then I read that people were taking his sch to litereally and babies were getting undernourished... Not saying everyone who uses that system is but you have to be careful... Breastmilk takes about 90 min to be digested fully..


angelinakai - December 19

I guess you just should talk to your pediatrician about it. 1st time moms seem to know everything somehow lol (i'm a 1st time mom). my pediatrician told me not to feed my son more than every 2 1/2 - 3 hours, so that is when I put him on a schedule. I have never heard of a 6 month old eating once an hour. i like the 4 hour schedule bc i have a life and i know when my son will eat and nap and all of that and we can go everywhere together bc i know how much time i have before he will eat again. he is very very happy and a whopping 14lbs at 12 weeks, so it works out very well for us. everyone i know that has children has used babywise and it has worked for them as well.



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