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Ashley - October 27

My daughter is 6 months old. Last night she was so crazy constipated... her bowel was literally stuck, and you could actually see her trying to push it out. While she was trying to push it out she was crying so much!!! It was just so painful to watch that I was crying with her. I tried doing leg exercises, massaging her tummy, and warm baths. I also gave her glycerin which helped a little. Just wondering if anyone elses baby went through this and what you did.


Kim - October 27

My ped said it's normal for infant to not have any bowel movement for up to 4 days. I find that troubling because if I don't have any bowel movement for 4 days, I will constipate when it's time to have one. He did have trouble with bowel movement once when I waited 4 days like what my ped said. Cried like hell! What I did to my son now is to have him poop everyday or every other day. He is 1.5 month old and knows how to push :-) I do this by holding up his legs with 1 hand (just like how you would change his diapers) and with my other hand, apply gentle pushing pressure around his b___t outside the a___l area. As I do this, I make a "mmmmm" sound.. It sounds funny but it actually encourages him to push. All these takes 30 - 45 minutes patience. If nothing happen, I'll try again few hours later or 1st thing the next day.


Michelle - October 28

My daughter was that way. I had to change formula's several times and found one to work somewhat. Never got rid of the problem until she started drinking homo milk. All you can do is what you did....glycerin. I know its hard to watch, but I couldnt do a thing.


momma - October 28

you could try prune juice (that is what my doctor told me)after having it just once my doughter had several soft poopy diapersi givr her prune juice any time she gets even the slightest bit constipated my daughter is 6 1/2 months


Steven's Mom - October 28

My son just started fruit in the jar this week! I found it has made him constipated,the other night he pushed so hard(he had just had a bottle)and it came right out of his nose. I felt so bad for him.I'm holding off for a month before I give him any more fruit,I think he is too young for it anyways but his Dr. ok it. He is 4 months old!



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