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d - November 21

My 8 month old for the past two days has hardly pooed. He tried once in the morning and was small and very hard. Is contipation also a symptom for teething? He's eating and drinking normally. I give him some water to drink extra hoping it will help him. Anyone's baby had this before. Any suggestions from anyone on how to help?


BBK ® © - November 21

It's not necessarily constipation, but if you have reason to beleive it is, our pediatrician said you can equal parts of prune juice to H20 to help with constipation. Another pediatrician (family friend) recommended 1TB of maple syrup in 4-6 oz of formula.


Shelly - November 21

Quick question BBK,is it regular pancake/waffle maple syrup or does it have to be PURE maple syrup????


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 21

I was told that it is dark karo syrup.


momma - November 21

i was told prune juice (if it doesnt work watered down use straight prune juice) i have found that cranberry juice works for my dd she is 7 months


BBK ® © - November 21

Shelly it's certaily the pure kind, otherwise it's got mostly sugar syrup blended with the pure. If you can get the pure as organic it's even better.


Shelly - November 21

Thats what I thought.Where do you get the organic kind,in one of those "health stores".What about the "gripe water"?


BBK ® © - November 21

In my neck of the woods a farmers market here sells organic maple syrup from Vermont, but the health food stores should have it as well. Gripe water has chamomile too, and even chamomile tea helps, but the syrup would be a stronger modality, as would be the prune juice. Keep in mind that it's normal for infants to go without a BM for 48 hours without being necessarily constipated.


crh - November 21

When my baby got constipated, our family doc told us to put about a teaspoon or 2 of brown sugar in with his milk. Its a natural laxative and worked like a charm. We only did one or two bottles and it worked ok


d - November 22

I called the Dr. He said to feed prune pureed fruit and give prune juice and plenty of water because he is on solids now. By this evening it finally worked.


amanda.d - November 22

Brown sugar water is what I was told, so maybe give that a try.


Kerry - November 22

my girl has been like that before I did what BBK said and it seemed to work fast water is also good for extra fluids. gripe water doesn't do anything for constipation but may help if he has cramps


Shea - November 28

It's Karo Corn Syrup that works for the little ones, although I believe Pure Maple syrup will work as well.



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