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ambertane - March 27

My little baby girl has a really hard time going to the bathroom,she has really hard stools,at first I tryed karo syrup but it's not working anymore. Is it bad to keep putting karo syrup in all her bottles all day??? If so why??? And how much should I put in her bottle??? What else can I do to make her go??? Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks.


Bonnie - March 27

I would callt he pediatricin to find out why she is constipated in the first place. That way you can find the right solution. In the meantime, you can buy OTC glycerine suppositories (make sure you get the pediatric or infant ones). They are not addicting and will not enter the bloodstreamand help her go. Not fun to give :P But it will be a nice temporary solution until you and the doc can find the answer. I keep these on hand.


ChaycesMom - March 28

How old is your little girl. When my son had problems going, sometimes there was a little blood, the Dr. recommended pear juice to help loosen him up. You can dilute it with water. My son is 2 right now and I still give him pear juice everyday to help him out. Hope this helps.


JenniferB - March 28

I found that an ounce of prune juice with an ounce of water or formula helped when my baby was constipated. My son was constipated from the iron in his formula. Karo syrup never worked for him. Ask your pediatrician what to do. Karo syrup is pure sugar so I wouldn't give it to her that often. The prune juice always worked for my baby. Good luck. I know you feel so bad when they obviously need to go and can't.


TinaMarie - March 28

My doc had me give my baby 1 oz prune juice w/ 1 oz formula. She was always constipated and I give her that every morning and it is like magic! Good luck in finding what works for her, I know ow cranky mine was when she was constipated.


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 28

I did the same as these ladies. The prune juice with water. Worked sometimes. Otherwise I used the suppository. My daughter was constipated til the day she went off formula. I beleive it was from the iron. She is now almost 2 and has no problems anymore.


ambertane - March 28

3 months my girl is, i think i will try the prune juice thanx



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