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L1NDZ - November 19

My lo hasn't had a bowel movement in 6 days. He is passing gas and I can hear bowel sounds. He is straining at times and nothing is coming out. I have tried ovol drops and gripe water. Is there anything else??? I know that exclusively bf babies don't go every day sometimes, but he ALWAYS goes at least once/twice per day! I am beginning to get scared. He only has periods where he is in discomfort...otherwise a smiley guy! Please help!


wailing - November 19

My lo is exclusively b'fed and at 10 wks he stopped going every day. He actually would go once a week. I asked the pedi and they said it was fine and perfectly normal. B/C b'milk is so easy to digest and so full of nutrients they absorb and use all of it and don't have any waste. Gradually he started going every 3 days, then when I started solids last wk he started going much more often. I never gave him anything for his BM's b/c he was never constipated. Constipation is when the stool comes out hard like a pebble, but as long as it's loose and runny then they're fine. My lo never complained or looked uncomfortable so I left him alone.


mommybabyboy21 - November 20

My pedi says if you are are really worried you can personally take a stool softener, I took an all natural one once and he went three times that day, of course I went four times too...sorry if tmi, or you can try eating prunes or food that helps you go.


SaraH - November 20

My lo was exclusively bf and after the first few weeks of her life she didn't go more then 1 or 2 every week. She now eats solids and goes everyday, but she didn't until we started the solids. I would be starting to get concerned though if he doesn't go in the next day or so, but just b/c he has been going every day doesn't mean he always will. If he doesn't go in the next day or so give the doc a call and talk to them about it, but it's not uncommon to not go more then every few days and my dd would often have gas even though she was never constipated. We'd just use the infand gas releif drops and they'd help. Good luck.



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