Constipation Solids What To Give To Help Lossen TMI

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Gretta - September 25

My dd is pooping rabbit turds and hasn't had a big movement in days. She is 6.5 months and getting Oatmeal and various fruits and veggies about 2-3 times per day and is br___tfed. I am not sure why she is constipated because she is getting just a few spoons of oatmeal or rice cereal per day. I gave her prunes this morning to help move things along but is there something else I should be giving her on a daily basis to help?


DDT - September 25

My ds will also have that kinda poop every few days. Fruit generally makes poop softer (eg. peach, prune, pears). I give my ds a bit of each of those fruits daily. Also, water helps. Offer your lo water in a sippy cup at meal times.


SaraH - September 25

It sounds pretty normal for solids. My dd doesn't go much at a time either since she started solids, but she goes everyday now instead of every few days. As long as she isn't acting like she is constipated I wouldn't worry. However if you want to make sure she's going okay just make sure she keeps her liquids up and give her things like fruits which are high in fibers. Applesauce would be good and as DDT said give her little sips of water (not to much as it's easier to over do the water at this age which although they'd have to drink a lot all at one time to over do it, but if they do it can mess up their sodium levels so just give her a few sips at meals or if she is acting thirsty though out he day).


guccigal87 - September 25

blueberries will help.. i also find that if i feed my son peas he poops more.. BUT he eats a lot so we havent really had a pooping problem and he eats three bowls of oatmeal or rice cereal a day


Gretta - September 26

Okay thanks DDT and girls - I gave her some water in a sippy with a little bit or pear juice and I fed her peas for dinner before i read your suggestion! She seems fine but I am so used to the b___stfeeding runny poops that seeing these hard ones worried me.


HopefulK - September 26

I agree with gretta, if you suspect she's a touch constipated I'd try some water to supplement and if that doesn't help move her try adding a little pure orange juice to the water and that should do the trick. It worked for my son when he seemed to be struggling a little. Good luck.x


jen327 - September 26

My doctor told me to use 2 oz prune juice twice a day.


hthab - September 26

I had the same issues as you when I started ds on solids at 6 months after exclusively BFing. Nothing seemed to be a long term fixed. We tried prunes and pear juice, but that only worked if that was ALL he ate. Around 8 months, we started him on All Bran, after getting the doctor's okay. It has worked wonders. I buy the Bran Buds type and run it through the food processor for a couple of minutes so that it's a powder. I started out mixing 1/2 tsp into each of his solid meals and had to work my way up to 1.5 tsp before it kicked in. He got used to the taste very quickly and doesn't notice it anymore. I'm not sure what we'll do once he moves past the pureed foods, but this is working for now. Hopefully he'll outgrow it soon. Good luck to you!


KLT - September 26

Peas gets my son going instantly. I have no clue why its peas...rather than any of the other things.



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