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NatashaV - January 23

Anyone who normally wears contacts noticing that your eyes are too dry to wear them postpartum? I typically wear my glasses most days, but when I try to wear my contacts, I have to take them out after about an hour..TOO dry! I wonder if it's postpartum related or maybe my new contact solution? (I used to use Complete solution, but they took it off the shelves and I haven't found a good subst_tute yet)... Is it just ME?


Gretta - January 23

Ha no I stopped wearing mine completely after having dd - its been 10 months and i am just now thinking of wearing them again.


TiffanyRae - January 24

Aloha~ I noticed a bit of a change after having DS. I am now five months pp and I still can't wear them everyday. My doctor says there isn't much he can do about it because my vision is_xtremely bad. I also have a high astigmatism and combined with bad eye sight they don't make many contacts that fit my eyes. BUT he said if my eyes were a little better a company makes a contact called Aquaphore...or something along that line. And they are enriched with fluid to help regulate dryness. So you may want to check into that. Good Luck~


wailing - January 24

Your not alone. Throughtout my whole pregnancy I had terrible problems w/ my eyes. And postpartum they still bothered me. I had to go have them checked and get a new prescription. The Dr. said that ur eyes def get effected during pregnancy b/c of the amount of water u retain and hormones. If u b'feed it's even worse. I would see spots and everything. It's 7 months pp and I'm just now comfortable in them again.


hope-31 - January 29

when i was on the pill i had a hard time and it was related to the pill. i read the fine print on the info that comes with the pill and it says people who are on the pill may have trouble wearing lenses. i guess it is hormone related



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