Continued Favortism

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jennifer - November 24

I have asked many questions in the past and if I am lucky I may get one reply. Sometimes I get ignored. Yet i notice that people named monica, bbk, chelsey, lissi, Heather, etc all get answered with a page full. Maybe I will have to use one of their names if I want to be heard or maybe I may head to a site where everyone is heard not just certain women. Thank you for ignoring my questions in the past and think next time when someone asks something that they may seriously need some help. Instead I find you all answering monica's mundane questions on a daily basis when real issues with my son take place that concern me and go unheard.


Mommy - November 24

Well what was your question? I don't really ever read the names at the top but I answer what I know or think I can help with. Otherwise I leave it alone. I would honestly rather give no advice as opposed to bad advice. So why not ask your question now? I will (try) to answer if I know it. :o)


Lissi - November 24

When I click on a thread, It's because the subject either interests me, or I know I can offer some advice, or opinion. I don't have time to check who wrote which thread, so that's nonsense! If I don't know anything about it, then I don't answer. If my path happens to cross with someone I've gotten to know over the past few months, then of course I'm going to say hi and ask how they are. Nobody shows me favoritism, and I have likewise had questions unanswered from time to time. If you have "real" issues with your son, which nobody here can help you with, maybe you'd be better asking a proffessional. Better to be safe than sorry.


Jbear - November 24

I never ignore anyone, and I almost never read the names on the posts. If I don't know the answer to something, I'll usually leave it alone. For example, I don't know anything about v____al birth or b___stfeeding, so if I see a question about that, I really don't have any advice. Sometimes it is easier to give advice on something trivial than something important, and that might be why silly questions get answered more often. Another thing to think of is the time of day...if you post during the day when everyone is wasting time at work you're likely to get a response sooner than if you post in the evening when only us night owls are around. Still, I'm sorry you've felt ignored...I've left email groups for that reason so I know how you feel.


monica - November 24

Hey I feel as though I am being picked on. if it makes you feel any better there have been a couple of post of mine that didnt even get one reply and I have been here for a while.


Jbear - November 24

Wow, we're all awake tonight...


Lesley - November 24

Not many of my questions get actual answers.... but there is people who post to say they are thinking of me etc.... I only read and reply to ones I have an opinion on, or an answer to. I don't read the posters name. Can't be arsed to


TC - November 24

Hey, Jennifer try not to feel anyway. I do think there is a form of favortism but, so what? I post my questions and I don't really get a lot of responses but that is okay. I think at the end of the day a few is better than a lot. I also would prefer (anyday) to have someone respond to me who is knowledgeable of the subject matter than someone who is not. So, continue to post your questions and hopefully the "right" person would respond.


lisa - November 24

this is not true, its just how you perseve things, i never reply because of person, you dont eve know who wrote it when you click on it, people answer because they feel they can help/have a similar experience, this is such a friendly site, we were all newcomers at sometime and i never experienced your problem, look how many replys you have now!!!


d - November 24

I'm communicating to many topics. I'm still waiting for any idea on helping my friends. Its very difficult to talk to my friend and I worry about her stress, her health in juggling work with domestic work and childrearing and her marriage. Instead she tells me worry about your own marriage. Do you give up on a friend?


sheree - November 24

I don't think it's favortism but i do understand what u mean, try replying to some questions urself and keep posting,i too am in the same situation but i keep posting, maybe we should post to each other, lol then we"ll get replies!


BBK ® © - November 24

Jennifer I a__sure you I have posted questions that I got no answer to in the past, but I thought maybe people just don't know or biggie! There are people here that have babies that are the same age as mine, and it's natural I'll converse with them more. If someone asks something about 8 month olds, I probably won't answer because I have no clue..... or I won't answer *purely* medical questions. I don't think you have a made the right call to pick on monica. She didn't do anything different than anyone else here


I agree - November 24

"real issues with my son take place that concern me and go unheard" This is most true part of your statement, they concern YOU, that doesnt mean they have to concern anyone else here. It may be a cold hard truth that no wants to mention but it is true none the less. No one here HAS to respond to your question and I am just annoyed by your sense of ent_tlement. You are acting like a child.


Lissi - November 24

There's been many times, when someone has asked an interesting question and I just WISHED I knew the anwser. Especially when someone really needs help. Trouble is, I'm only qualified to answer "mundane" questions, so I have to ignore them.


Shannon - November 24

i had a whole long post written then i realized that it was practically the same as BBKs. don't feel bad monica, it's not worth it, no one's concerns are "mundane".


Stephanie :) - November 24

Ya know, I have went back and looked through some of the previous posts, and looked for post made by jennifer. I only saw one and it had quite a few responses. There are some from Jen and J and again they all have quite a few posts. I also looked and jennifer never replied to anybody elses posts. I feel like this is STUPID. I am not trying to be mean, but she is picking on very nice people that just come here to "get away" and talk to a few other people that are usually going through, or have gone through the same thing they are going through right now. I feel like you cant expect to get a response to your post when you dont reply to other peoples posts. ALSO, if you are using different names, use the same one so people will know that it is the same person! Like, if your child is having problems with bowel movements under the name "susan" and then a week later you want to know why your son has diarrhea under the name "melinda" nobody can put the two together. Use the same name every time so we can get to know you.


Shelly - November 24

This is nonsense;I thought we went through this stupid subject last week,no sense of keep dragging it on.I would still like to see an example of a question you posted "jennifer" and you didn;'t get (hardly) any responses!!!



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