Continued Retardism

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Pissed! - November 24

I would just like to say that the people who are constantly crying and whining about favoritsm, should focus there attention on something other than rude, nasty, childish remarks! There is no place for it here on this forum, and people should learn to mind their own business! If people have a hard time distinguishing friendship and favoritism, then they should grab a dictionary, and learn something! Quit trying to turn this forum into the mess that is over in GP!!!!! If people get along, and you are jealous, then get some therapy!! This school girl jealousy thing is retarded! So end the bitterness and all the retarded comments!


Shelly - November 24



-m - November 24

Thank you! This jealousy thing is retarded! I'm not exactly well known here and I've always gotten plenty of responses. Grow up people!


Chelsey - November 24

Praise the Lord!!!! Took the words right out of my mouth!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 24



Tanya - November 24

OMG - I just read the post that you are referring you think she was serious????????? Could someone honestly feel that these women will only answer their buddies???? I didnt realize being a new mother meant going back to highschool. I cant believe some people - I think most of us have better things to do with our time, especially right now, than to worry that we are not part of the popular crowd in the prego forum!


kate - November 25

sorry, i'm new here....what does this post mean? i'm curious. :)


Lesley - November 25

You all say it's not true... but every reply is having a go at her, yelling her to grow up, get a life and so on. She is obviously insecure for some reason or another and I don't think peoples comments have helped in the slightest. Why people can't be polite is beyond me.


TC - November 25

I totally agree with you Lesley. I think that people's responses show a lot. Witnessing favortism is not jealousy and it is sad that everyone is ready to jump down her throat. The rudeness on this forum is almost unbearable.


TC - November 25

Also, to the original poster.. You say that you do not want this to turn into the GP c___p, but, you started a whole new thread devoted to this. And in you doing so started a thread that is promoting talking about someone. That is exactly what is going on in the GP forum.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 25

Thank You! I agree! And also must open my big mouth to add that if she is that insecure, it is really nobody's problem here and she needs to get over it or leave if she really does not like it here that much.


Hello! - November 25

Said it before and I'll say it again, this c___p didn't start untila select few of you came over from GP. Please go back you fit in so much better over there.


to hello - November 25

Are you Jennifer? You sound just as whiny and stupid as her! "This is my forum, get out of here... wah wah wah!" Get a life Hello, and maybe some friends, because nobody gave you the right to decided who should be allowed on this forum. Why dont YOU go back to GP and reunite with your long lost buddies? This stuff didn't start until a select few came over from GP? My guess is that you started over there too! Along with many more than just a few others! I've said this before too.... GROW UP!!!!


Liz - November 25

I agree. This is dumb. Let's go back to the baby care questions :)


Hello! - November 25

I guess I hit a little too close to home...


jennifer - November 25

sorry the person who posted this original post i mean. If even one of you can understand what I am trying to say I will be thankful.


dang it! - November 25

Jennifer, I can totally see why you dont have any friends on the site! No need to explain anymore! Your words speak quite clearly! still waiting for a question that you have that you are so concerned about everyone answering! No question? Then why are you still here? Also just wondering if you are done feeling sorry for your pathetic self yet?



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