Convertable Carseats

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britt_m - April 21

Well my dd is still in an infant carrier and we finally as of last week took the last of the two head rests out (the big one.) She probably could stay in it past 1 (shes 10.5 months) as shes pretty small. But we're going on a long road trip so I think more for comfort and a bit more space I'd like to get her a convertable. I know Britax seems to be an excellant brand, I like the marathon. Also Sunshine Kids Radian 80 seems to be nice as well. Its the only one made out of alloy (very strong) and can seat up to 80lbs using a 5 pt latch. It only rear faces until 33lbs I beleive, I'd like to leave her rear facing as long as possible. I do plan on using a 5 point harness in the future instead of a booster as well, and those bigger carseats for bigger kids are very pricey (worth it tho) so I'd like something to last as long as possible. Any suggestions, comments or whatnot.


meg - April 21

Hi. My ds is 19 months & we have both the Marathon & the Boulevard (by Britax) & they are wonderful! He's just 25 lbs, but I finally decided a week or two ago to turn him around & let him face forward...he loves it. Both of those seats will hold kids in the 5 pt. harness until they are 60 lbs. I'd say they are definitely worth the price!


britt_m - April 22

Don't they sit up high tho? Like from the seat to the carseat seat, haha. I do like the fact that they hold them in the 5 pt harness til 60lbs. How does it fit in your car(s)? We have a dodge quad cab so the back seats bigger than a car, thats why we traded it in, but I know Britax seats are bigger in width and we have another on the way. I've only heard good things about them tho.


meg - April 22

When rear facing the seat is still at the 45 degree angle, so it's not high...just bigger than the infant car seat! We have a Honda Pilot & a Ford Taurus & the seats fit absolutely fine in both of them. We also have another on the way, & I don't foresee any problems with having 2 car seats & an additional least in the the Taurus it'll be a bit tight I'd imagine!


Brenna - May 4

I like Graco,my dd's first seat was Graco and now she has the Graco Comfortsport.It was reasonably priced,comfortable,attractive.i have it frontfacing now(DD is nearly 13 months,)and it buckles in very securely,that sucker won't move!lol We use it with LATCH,and are pleased with it.We have a car with a small backseat,(FORD FOCUS)but it fits fine.


excited2bemama - May 6

Britt- I bought the sunshine radian 65 seat. Its great. We just put Keira into it. Most seats don't rear face more than 35 lbs.. also If you are thinking of getting a radian I would go with the 65 rather than the 80.. because the only way you will get your moneys worth with the 80 is if you have a short and stocky kiddo because even though it goes up to 80 lbs your lo is likely to outgrow it in height before she reaches 80 lbs.


excited2bemama - May 6

ohhh- I forgot to mention I also love the fact taht the radian seats are really narrow on the bottom and don't take up half the backseat like the britax seats do.



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