Convertible Car Seat Question

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drea - March 12

I'm in the process of switching over to a convertible car seat as dd has pretty much outgrown the infant seat and its too darn heavy to carry around. What are you girls using? Any and all suggestions would be helpful. Thanks ladies.


mcatherine - March 12

drea - we just switched to a convertible two weeks ago. We went with the Britax Marathon and I LOVE it already. I was just saying earlier on this forum how easy it is to adjust the straps around what he is wearing. I won't lie - it's expensive and pretty big - but it reclines so my 6 month old isn't sitting straight up and he really seems comfortable(although the view seriously freaked him out for the first week, lol). Good luck in your decision!!!


Shannah - March 12

I am using the britax marathon it is awesome. It was a little more on the pricey side but it hold up to 60lbs instead of 40lbs and had extra padding on the sides. It also was rated #1 in the crash test ratings too. hope this helps


melissa g. - March 12

I have the Britax Boulevard, and like it very much!


mcatherine - March 12

lol- I went on Shannah's advice - hahaha


CaliTrish - March 12

We're about to transition to a convertible car seat as well. Consumer Reports gave top ratings to both the Britax Roundabout and the Evenflo Triumph 5. After checking them out at the store, DH wants to go with the Triumph because the Roundabout buckle doesn't "click". DH is worried about not fastening DS securely in the dark.


drea - March 12

thanks girls for all of your suggestions and advice. I was leaning towards the Britax Marathon b/c I remember everyone on here saying how they loved it. I like that it holds up to 60 lbs as my dd is already 20lbs (5.5 months). It seems the average price I've seen for the Marathon is $269, which is a little pricey, but worth it to me if its safe and comfy for my dd. Thanks again girls :-)


amyh - March 13

I asked the same question to all my friends with kids and everyone said the Britax Marathon- I found one at albee baby store online for $210 (free shipping)



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