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ImpatientMommy - November 26

My daughter is about the complete her first week one her first solid food: sweet potatos (she's already done a great month or so on oatmeal). This was my plan for solids and just let me know if it sounds okay because what do I know? haha I was planning on doing all the 1st food, 1 week each just so she's in the clear for all the 1st foods before she moves on to the 2nd foods. I was originally planning on giving her half a container (You know how the gerber food comes with 2 containers? I mean half of ONE of those not one whole container) but it seems like she could eat the whole container, I've been finding myself giving her more than half lately. SO after sweet potatos I was going to try and give her however much she wants of the new food, once a day, for 7 days. Is it okay that I'm giving her to her just once a day? the doctor suggested twice a day but I think twice a day is too much solids for a baby this age (she's 5 months today) and I don't think they should be on more than 1 meal of solids until they are older, or atleast into the 2nd foods. And I think by the time I get through all the 1st foods she'll probably be around the time to start the 2nd foods. Do you think this okay to do?


wailing - November 27

From what I've read and heard from my Dr, babies are supposed to get MOST of their nutrition from formula or b'milk until they reach 6 months. My pedi didn't even want me to really start solids until we were closer to 6 months (but I also b'feed so that makes a difference...not sure why). I also read in the Baby 411 book (which I love) that at 6 months they get 1 solid meal a day, 7-8 months they get 2 solids meals and at 9 months 3 solid meals. I'm doing what ur doing and introducing 1 new stage 1 item per week for 8 wks until he reaches 7 months. I'm going rice, swt pot, bananas, avocados (they say are a great 1st food), swt peas, squash, carrots, grn beans. I feed my lo a little more then 1 tablespoon for now once a day, even though he wants more. I know that at 5 months u don't want them to fill up so much on solids that they get full from that and don't get the calories or nutrients from formula. At 6 months I might move to more then a tablespoon if my Dr. okay's it.


wailing - November 27

Oops I meant to say that at 6 months I will probably give him a mix of whatever stage 1 foods he's already had once a day.


ImpatientMommy - November 27

Yeah that's what I was planning to do in terms of not giving it to her more than once a day till she's 7 months. Right now I dont find the solids interferring with her formula in take. If I give her the solids randomly between bottles in the afternoon I find she still goes 4-4 1/2 hours between her bottles, even with the one after her solids.


DDT - November 27

Your plan sounds fine to me. I also gave my son just cereal for a month1x a day and then at 5.5 months I started the 1st foods. I would feed him his "new" food in the morning to be able to watch for any reactions. Then cereal at dinner (5pm). Then once he displayed no reaction to the food after 4 days I moved cereal to breakfast and the 1st food for dinner. And so on. I think you should feed her as much as she wants because this is recommended. Of course if it affects how much formula she is drinking then withhold some solids, but if she is still drinking fine there is no reason to with hold. I started my son on 3 meals when he was about 7.5 months old. Right 9 months he can only eat 1 container of solids at a sitting. He has cereal (5-6tbsp at breakfast), 1 container of fruit/tofu or yogurt for lunch, and then one container meat/bean/veg for dinner. Keep in mind I do offer him finer foods at this stage before and after his meal. But its not enough to even const_tute a meal. You can start 2nd foods if she is ready for the consistency...every baby is different in that regard. BTW from my readings and pamplets I've gotten from my doc's office its recommend that by 7-8 they should be on 3 meals a day. Obviously there is different takes on this.


StarsMoon - November 29

My lo is 6 months old. She eats 3 times a day, plus br-feeds 5-6 times on top of that. When she was just about 5 months she showed signs of not getting filled up, just wanting more and not satisfied with the br-feeding. So, I talked to the Dr and he said to start her out on rice cereal. But make it really watery. She took to the spoon no problem. And started wanting more food. I couldn't shovel it in her mouth fast enough at times. And, then she would be p__sed cause I'd have to make more. Anyways, we went through the line of veggies first. 1 new veggie every 4 or 5 days. She has not had any bad reactions towards the foods. Our routine is.. She wakes up to nurse between 4-6 a.m.. At 9 a.m. I mix together about 6 spoonfuls of rice cereal with bottled water and I add 2-3 spoonfuls of the Gerber Rice Cereal with Applesauce (just a bonus for that plain ol'rice cereal). She eats every bit, and sometimes gets mad when she sees me sc___ping the bowl for more, then I make her a little more. About an hr or so later, she nurses. Around noon-1 pm, she has her rice cereal and 2-3 spoonfuls of her veggie. Then give or take an hour or so, she nurses again. And nurses again between 4-5 p.m.. Dinner is around 6-7p.m. and she has the same amount again. She goes to sleep in her crib about 8:30- 9 o'clock. And then we do it all over again. I feed her solids first before br-feeding. And she has never turned her nose up at the b___b. Dr seems to be happy with her progress... If baby is still hungry, by all means feed it. Baby knows when he/she has had enough. Those little lips pucker right up and that jaw is clamped shut, plus they do turn their head away from the spoon. When that happens, feeding is over for now....


suze42 - November 29

I think as long as they are primarily taking enuf formula/b___stmilk, then you can introduce solids in a variety of way. My doc always suggest rice, i did oatmeal this time. She said twice a day just a few tablespoons...but i am only doing once a day for now . I do think its important to introduce the veggies b4 the fruits. But other than that...i say mom knows best. I think it will fun this time around to try some new methods from my first DS. Question about avacados? I LOVE them, but arent they considered a nut? and are their any concerns about allergies...just wondering.


excited2bemama - November 29

avacados are not considered a nut.. and they are great and safe first food... :o)


wailing - November 30

Yhea, I've read in several sources that Avocados are a great 1st stage food and very low on the allergy scale. They are packed w/ tons of nutrients...even for us adults:-)



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