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jenna32 - February 23

i was wondering if anyone thinks br___tfeeding your child makes you even more aware that your child is there and less likely to roll over on them, i've never once come close to it and it's hard to explain but br___tfeeding i feel more aware that she is there. i did part bottle feed for the first couple months and i didn't feel like i had the same kind of awareness. just wondering everyones thoughts on it, i saw something about it on the news and it got me curious.


sarah21 - February 23

I dunno but I b___stfed and coslept with my daughter. I still b___stfeed her but she's been in her own crib since she was 6 months old. I never moved a MUSCLE in my sleep when she was sleeping with me. There is just some way that I didn't do it, even if I was dead tired.


amanda17 - February 23

Hmm I don't really agree with that but I think b___stfeeding mothers are probably more likely to co-sleep with their babies. I did it when I was b___stfeeding even though I hoped I wouldn't. You're just the only one who can feed them and you're dead tired from getting up several times throughout the night. With a bottle, anyone can do it... and when they get a little older you can just hand it to them in their crib.


sarah21 - February 23

I coslept simply because she slept way better in bed with us. She would wake up every 10 minutes in her ba__sinet so I gave up and I really enjoyed snuggling with her. I might cosleep with this one I might not, it just depends.


micsmms3 - February 24

i have a friend who co-slept w her baby and still does now and her lo is 3! her husband now sleeps in the guest bedroom! and i'll admit, that i sometimes do co sleep, but only half of the night -sometimes. i am a side sleeper and wake up b4 i change positions so i am not too worried about rolling onto her- i'm a light sleeper.


clindholm - February 24

I don't really think it matters if you are bf'ing or not. My DD (now 2) coslept from about 14 months to about 20 months. My dh could not do CIO (I was willing to at least try) and I slept w/her in the crook of my arm to ensure that she would not get smothered. She was no longer bf'ing at the time but I woke every time she made a move. My ds (now 4 months) has not coslept but does sleep in my room and I hear every single snore, grunt and fart he makes, lol. He is also no longer bf'ing. I just think we sleep so much lighter once we have our babies. I think it's more of a problem if someone has been drinking or takes sedating meds (legal or otherwise).


Kimmer23 - February 24

I bf and cosleep with my 2 month-old son. I didn't relaly want to co-sleep, but it's the only way my lo will sleep more than 20 min. And, it is easier with b'fing. I am a light sleeper too, but I don't know if I think it's because of b'fing or just being a new mommy. I do have a question that I would love an answer to if anyone has do you transfer a co-sleeping child to their own bed? I relaly want to dothis, but I can'f figure out how to make him actually sleep (for more than 20 min). But, this is an interesting idea...


stefkay - February 24

My dd slept in either her ba__sinet or later, her crib pretty much all the time up to 6 months. I'd take her out to feed her but stay awake and put her back when the feeding was done. I still bf her but around 6 months she started waking more often and wanted to nurse in bed with me. I started nursing her lying down us facing each other (so much more comfy since my back hurt soo bad the first 3 months) and we'd both fall asleep. It scared me b/c I was so freaked out about SIDS and her dad was nervous about it too b/c he's a big guy and rolls around a lot. It's like I can't help falling asleep anymore when we nurse and it scares me b/c I don't really want to cosleep. I saw that story on the news yesterday morning and it really scared me again. The mom who lost her son broke my heart. I told my dh to wake me if we fall asleep and help me get back into the habit of moving our dd to her crib after I nurse. Last night I FOUGHT to stay awake and finish the feeding then I put her back in her crib. Also 2 times she woke fussing I stayed in bed and did not go get her. I know most of her nursing is for comfort and she fell back asleep both times. I really think I am going to move my dd and her crib to the other room until we move and she can get her own room b/c I feel we are disturbing her sleep big time.


amanda17 - February 24

Sorry, let me make myself more clear. I didn't mean that every formula baby wouldn't co-sleep. I just meant that it seems more likely for a mother to co-sleep when she is b___stfeeding. I say that because even if she had it in her head that she wouldn't co-sleep, it's difficult to keep that up. And her child would *more likely* be happier in his or her crib if co-sleeping was never introduced in the first place. Kimmer - it's going to be a tough thing to do no matter what. But at 2 months is easier than if you let him sleep with you for longer than that. What worked for my daughter is getting my scent on a very soft, thick blanket and letting her sleep with it. I also tried a sleep positioner because the crib mattresses are so hard and uncomfortable.


jenna32 - February 24

it does make more sense why a formula mama would keep a baby in her crib, she has to get up to warm the bottle anyways,in most cases. The story is sad, i think the problem is some of us never think it'd happen. it makes me feel kind of bad for co sleeping, i guess thats why i asked. i've been really confident about it from the begining, she was born big and strong. i still always check on her when i can though. it probably is easier not to introduce it but i don't know,it's hard for me not to co sleep. You just love your lo so much,you always want them near you,more so especially if you're lonely and raising her alone. Which is a bit selfish i suppose. But i've never had any doubt that anything would happen. does anyone know the typical cutoff age for sids? my dd is older now,but i've heard of older kids getting sids before.


stefkay - February 24

I think the highest risk for SIDS is 2-5 months


amanda17 - February 24

Aww! Don't feel bad for co-sleeping. Most moms do it! I was so sad moving my daughter to her crib. I missed waking up to her and her chubby little cheeks every morning. You deserve a break anyways, being a single mom. It's amazing what you're doing for her just being there for her and loving her as much as you do. You're doing a great job, don't doubt that for a moment!


clindholm - February 25

The SIDS risk disappears at 12 months. The risk is highest 2-4 months and drops dramatically at 6 months. Although I loved co-sleeping with my lo (even though I was against it- dh started it) it has been really hard getting her to sleep alone. I think if I had it to do again, I would have stood firm on not allowing her in the bed since now she does not do well sleeping alone. Of course that's my dd, it's not necessarily the same for every baby/toddler.


Justine1 - February 25

I co-slept with my second who was bottlefed pretty much from birth and never came close to rolling onto him either. He does lots of rolling over and manoeuvring - he likes to roll his head onto my stomach and go to sleep like that - think he's trying to get back in.



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