Cost Of Electricity

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Emily - March 7

This question came to me when I read Rabbits question on the reason for the daylight savings time change. I knew the reason myslef, but it brought up some questions. The price freeze on electricity in the US came to an end here lately. I was curious what eveyone's electic bill did? We have AmerenCIPS and we have both gas and electicity on the same bill. We have a gas furnace and our bill whet up 31%! My aunt has an electric heat pump and hers went up almost 90%! No joke it went from 90 bucks to 170 in one month. (ours went from 240 to 314) My sister who lives in an appartment with nothing but electricity went from 40 to 70 to 120 in three months. I know everyone was suposedly getting a differnet decrecy of savings with the freeze and when that proctection went away, the savings went bye bye as well. I just can't believe it. We got a 3% raise this year in our salary but how is that supposed to do us any good when our electricty goes up anywhere from 20 to 50% on average. If it goes on like this, the prices of all of our goods and services will go up so businesses can pay their electric bill. My parents are looking into a windmill on their property. What were some of your increases in eletricity?


sahmof3 - March 7

I remember hearing something on the news recently about that around here, but ours won't go up until later (I forget when) because of some contract or something?? Can you tell I'm very vague on details lol? Ours is usually about 90 in the summer, 60 in the winter 9we have propane heat) and around 40 in the srping and fall when we can open windows or not need heat/air conditioning. It's going to kill our budget when it goes up!!!


sahmof3 - March 7

typo-rama lol


mcatherine - March 7

We have a heat pump, too. Ours increased from $205 to $468. I almost threw up when I opened the e-bill. Funny how they need that 39 cent stamp to help save ME money.


Emily - March 7

okay correction my autn bill went from 90 to 270! That is like a 200% raise. WTF!? crazy


Mellissa - March 7

wow... i'm going to have to look into this. mine hasn't gone up any (we have gas heating). i'm going to contact my utility company to see how i'll be effected.


luviduvi - March 7

yea, ours went up to was about 250...but, apparently I know for IL the freeze has been once again approved


mandee25 - March 8

I am in Canada and our power has been increasing too although I am unsure of how much. It just seems they keep jacking it up. It totally sucks.



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