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TinaMarie - April 10

This maybe a stupid question. But does your baby cough through out the day. My daughter (5 months) seems to cough alot. It is not raspy, or a hacky cough. Sometimes I think she is coughing cause she is drooling so much. She was at the Docs a week ago and he said her lungs sounded great. It just seems like she coughs alot. Thanks!


AudreyS - April 10

My son (4 months) also seems to be doing this...I'm not sure if its from all the drool, He also laughs when he does it..


SonyaM - April 10

Yep, my six month old son does that too. I think they do it simply because they can. They are learning new ways to get our attention every day.


TRP - April 10

It's funny you should say that because now that I think about it, my 8 month old dd does it from time to time and of course I always look at her to make sure she's ok and she greets me with the biggest smile! I think if your dd's not congested or if she doesn't have a runny nose, them she's probably experimenting with her voice and seeing what you'll do when she does certain things!


Sarahsmommy - April 10

The baby book I have (your baby's first year week by week) says that babies do this because they can. And that there is nothing wrong with them, they are just trying out there voice.


Erin1979 - April 11

My daughter gets so much saliva when she is teething and coughs because of the drool. It could be that there is increased saliva.


HannahBaby - April 11

once babies realize that they can cough....theres not stopping them


Bonnie - April 11

It can also be a sign of reflux. They cough and choke as the stuff comes up. Though of course there are usually other signs as well.


C - April 11

They do start to cough when they are teething do to the extra saliva. It is true that they will start to do it just because they learned how to do something new.


Kim L - April 12

Hi Tina: Well I'm not a mommy just yet, 6 months to go! But it sounds like what everybody is saying makes sense. Just to throw this in - when my cute little niece started coughing there was no stopping her, as hannahbaby said. It was SO adorable. It became this big game that her parents called "fake cough". It did sound quite fake and quite cute. When she would do it, we'd all get so excited - "She's doing fake cough!" We would all do it back to her and she would giggle until she was red. :-)


J - April 13

They do learn to fake cough. I first heard it when I had a cold and was caughing. She was fine and got checked out by the dr. and later I read they do it by imitation. If it doesn't sound wet or phlegmy she might just be faking it. I think sometimes she does it to get our attention.


TinaMarie - April 13

Thank you so much for the input! I am sure that is what she is doing, especially since she now gets a HUGE smile when she does


hello - April 14

yep, she used to fake cough which i miss as she doesnt do it now, stopped it around 9 mths. A bit of sneezing goes on too sometimes............



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