Could Baby Be Allergic To Rice Cereal

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mrathert - January 3

My daughter also grew out of it at about a year. She is over 2 now and eats food containing rice flour and is ok with all grains. A Dr. Never confirmed it was an intolerance to rice, but I know it was. Sounds like it goes away on its own. Those trips to the ER are scary and there was a time I was really worried. Just stay away from rice and grains for awhile.


ntaylor4382 - January 6

I had the same reaction when I was giving my 3 1/2 old rice cereal. She would projectile vomit a few times and then she would start vomiting bile every 10-15 minutes for about and hr and a half to two hours. And then she would become lethargic,severely dehydrated, her body temp would drop very low, and she would start with a mucusy diarrhea. She was hospitalized twice both being diagnosed with an GE infection though they could not find any proof or trace of one other then an elevated white cell count. But I looked back this 3rd time and noticed that every time I took her in for this problem and she had been fed rice cereal. I had a 2 1/2 week break from the hospital during the duration she wasn't being given the cereal and when my mom gave her a little in her bottle this past friday night she started again with the projectile vomiting and then vomiting stomach acid/bile. I felt so bad because I didn't know what was going on with my baby, and I felt so helpless and couldn't understand why she was having these episodes. and to see her constantly poked with needles to have blood taken and have all these tests ran, was so heartbreaking to sit there and watch.


littlenikah - January 6

ntaylor4382 - It's the worst thing ever seeing your baby go through something like that. I wont give her any cereal any more. I'm just to afraid. I hope your baby is doing better.


KeepSmiling - December 24

I'm just preparing for solids and read a guide about baby food („How to introduce solid foods to your baby.” by Susan Urban) where of course one of the first thing recommended is baby rice. It looks like I must look out also for this? Probably nowdays everythng could be allergic?



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