Could I Ask For All Of Your HELP Ladies Plz Read

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shelly - November 15

i always get alot of great insight on this site, and it's a wonderful place for advice, on our little ones. i have a big favor to ask of you all IF you would not mind that is. I entered my 3 mo old baby....isabelle, into a halloween pic contest. it is based on # of votes, not judges, so i need your help. there is tons of competetion, so who knows what the outcome might be, but if you gals could spare a minute of your time, and drop a vote in for her, it would mean alot to me. you are allowed to vote 1x per day, but if you could just do it once, i'd SOOOO appreciate it!! luv ya girls, michele aka sh__ly PS- CLICK ON THIS LINK BELOW. SHE IS IN THE 3RD ROW, IT SAYS ISABELLE GRACE. **if it isn't clickable copy and paste it, if you wouldn't mind, thanks dearies. you are the best! if i can do anything to return the favor...just ask!**


chelsey - November 15

I totally voted for your baby!!!!!! She was the sweetest in her little costume!!!! Took me a minute to find her, but boy she was the absolutely the cutest when I found her pic! I entered my 4 year old in a picture contest a couple of years ago, and she got published in a book! I was just the proudest! Good Luck, Isabelle Grace!!!!!


monica - November 15

Hi shelly I would love to vote for Isabelle but when I cut and paste the site said, The page you requested has either moved or no longer exists.


to monica - November 15

did you delete the dashes?


belle - November 15

Oh my gosh! SO many cute babies!!! I voted for Isabelle. Good Luck!!!


amanda.d - November 15

It was hard to find. Its page 19 then the third row. She's a cutie patootie,lol.


Shannon - November 15

i voted for you! my baby's name is isabelle too!!!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 15

When you use the link, I belive she is the one on page 19, right? Is she a ladybug? That is the one I voted for. Good luck!


monica - November 15

always forget about those dashes...I voted. She is beyond adorable. Good luck....


Jadyns Mommy - November 15

How adorable!! I voted for your little cutie. Good luck, she is too cute not to win :-)


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 15

I voted for her, she is super cute! I hope she wins!


Erin - November 15

I voted for isabelle!


Mommy - November 15

I voted for your little one! Hope she wins!


New mom - November 15

I found so many cute babies...i voted for ur cute Isabelle..


pffff - November 15

Don't you think it's a bit selfish that you ask people to vote for your daughter? You can atleast say, "take a look at the pictures, and cast your vote, hopefully you will choose my baby?" Just for your selfishness, I'm voting for the baby above yours.


Emily - November 15

I voted for your little cutie but tomarrow my vote is going for the little girl in the mouse outfit with the big ears. They are all so cute!


me - November 15

I kinda agree with pfff although your baby is very cute



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