Could I Be Pregnant Again

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andrea21 - May 14

I have a beautiful 7 month baby boy. calculated ovulation last week whereas dh and I made love - now since yesterday I have been feeling cramps, heartburn and nauseated whereas I dismissed it as my imagination but then it happened again today except I also vomited after going out to dinner and now I don't know want to think - my dh thinks that I could be pregnant again being that I started to have severe nausea early with my son - I would be really happy if I am pregnant again but I am afraid to have morning sickness for the entire pregnancy Again. do you think I could get pregnancy symptoms this soon? could you show signs earlier with a subsequent pregnancy?


DDT - May 14

Every woman is different AND every pregnancy is different. I concieved when ds was 7 months old. I had no clue (due to lack of Miss Flow after 1st pregancy, 3 BPN HPT's & lack of symptoms) until I was 17 wks along. My first clue were my leaking b___sts (I had quit BF when ds was 6 wks old). Yet with my 1st pregnancy I felt dizziness and sore b___sts early on. You could be preggers but the only sure way to know would be to take a HPT. Wait until 7-10 days and then take a test. Good Luck!


jenna32 - May 14

could be!!good luck :)


melissap - May 14

with my last 2 I knew almost a week before +hpt, I had the symptoms and recognized them, so it is very possible. Do as DDT says and try hpt now and again in 7 days. good luck


denimb__terfly - May 14

I've had 4 pregnancies and all were different- but the first and fourth I definitely knew from day one. Especially the 4th. I felt the pregnancy right away. With the third I felt it but wasn't quite sure. With my second- I did not feel anything and laughed at the doctors when the told me I was expecting. I was finished with the first trimester and had not felt a thing. Conclusion: I think you could definitely be feeling it already, but I would wait like DDT said for 7-10 days to test (although if it was me I couldn't wait, but the logical me knows that is what you should do)


andrea21 - May 14

thanks for the responce. guess I would cross my fingers and toes and pray that I am pregnant again while I wait for a missed period


tish212 - May 14

andrea, I was wondering the same thing.... i have been feeling all the aches and pains I had while preg with dd, they seem to have come out of no where... however I am still waiting to see if af shows up.... but i was curious if you can feel symptoms earlier with your subsequent pregnancies since you have already experienced them... gl let us know what happens!


amybaby2 - May 15

Please let us know!


HeavenisMine - May 15

I got my symptoms as early as a week and a half after I conceived. My daughter is just about six months old and I am expecting again. You could easily be pregnant again if you hit your ovulation on the head! :)


bubbasmom - May 17

I am pregnant with my second and I threw up a full week before my period was due, so symptoms can appear very early. I also didn't get sick with my first until 6 weeks while this one was three weeks (before I could even test)



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