Could She Be Teething

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jessb - June 4

My daughter just turned 4 months. She has always been a "chewer" always chewing on her hand. But lately she frantically chews her hand, every toy she can get into her mouth, her feet anything. Then she will cry and pull away and then go back to chewing. She had a low grad fever earlier this week (99.6) but that went away within a day. She is acting pretty normal. But she has been fussier for the last couple of days. I dont think I see or feel anything on her gums, but its hard to tell. I give her the frozen chewy things and she seems to like them for a minute but then pulls away and starts crying. I dont know if they are too cold for her. I gave her oragel today and she HATED it. It made her cry worse. I tasted it and I cant say I blame her, its pretty nasty. I have a tube of the "little teethers" brand oragel and that seems to tasted better so I will try that tomorrow. Anyways, my mom seems certain she is teething, isnt it too early?


punkin01 - June 4

yes she could be ds cut his first tooth at 3 months and his second 2 weeks later//////my dd cut her first one at 4 months and the next 1week husbands grandmother told me i was crazy that she wasnt teething at 3 1/2 months that she raised 5 kids and they all cut teeth at 6-7 months blah blah blah.... but when that first tooth came through i had to drive the 15 or so miles to her house that day to let her feel it


LisaB - June 5

I think the teething thing is so funny! My ds who got his first two teeth this past week at almost 7 months. But since the time he was TWO months everyone said he was teething he would be fussy and someone would say hes teething or when he would chew on his hand oh hes getting teeth anything and everything was blamed on him teething. When he got his teeth he got a slight fever, was happy as can be and only woke at night crying from teething pain. We used Tylenol and it worked great. I would be real careful using oragel with your dd being so young. I freak about everything as a first time mom but I have heard that oragel when they swallow it can numb babies throats then because baby has so much excess saliva they tend to choke easier. Which my ds would choke on his own saliva when he was getting his teeth so just something to think about. They do make teething tabs that dissolve under babies tongue my sister used them with her two boys and they worked great. I stick with the Tylenol just because ds gets a fever.


Ca__sieSong - June 5

Lisa, I know! Everyone blames everything on teething, it seems. My dd just got her two bottom teeth last week and she has been somewhat crankier, but like you said, Tylenol does the trick. She had been chewing on her hands (sometimes frantically) since she was 4 months old, but whether it was due to teething or not, I don't know. I say she was just being a baby. LOL. She is now almost 6 months. And Jess, it is never too early to teeth. Well, I guess 1 month is too early, but it can definitely happen at 4 months. I got my first tooth at 4 months.


jessb - June 5

Thanks ladies. I still dont feel anything on her gums. Oh well, some days she's fine and some days she fussy and chewing frantically. She has a cold now too so she was up most of the night crying. That was no fun!!


Kay - June 5

My Daughter has been teething since she was 2months she now has 7 teeth at 8 months ;) its not too early ! All normal , baby panadol or nurofen works a treat :)


krnj - June 5

Hi my ds is 3 months and is doing the same thing! He always has his hands in his mouths and is drooling all over the place! Let me know how your dd does with the "little teethers"! I think I may try that.


hrsmith - June 5

my poor little one just cut his first tooth at 7 months. He has been teething since 4 months. He is always a happy baby but for a while there, I think it was taking a toll on him. As soon as he cut his tooth the drooling stopped for a couple of days but now he is back to drooling like mad. I only hope it doesn't take as long for him to cut the second one!



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