Could This Be Real

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apr - February 2

Ok, this may son crazy, but my ds is 5 and a half months old, and has been saying dada since yesterday. At first I thought its just another blabble, but he says it all the time. This morning he was in his crib in his room, and wasnt crying, he was just saying dada again and again until dh went and got him lol. I still dont think he really means what he's saying... Has anyone had any experiance with this?


LollyM - February 2

my little girl says mamamamama over and over when she is really upset. It's sweet =) i'm not sure if she knows mama is me though. She is almost 6 mos old, but she has been doing this for a month plus. She also said dada the other day but has only said it once since then. It's so hard to tell if they know what it means, but I like to think so =)


^lucy^ - February 2

my baby girl is 8 1/2 months now but since she was around 5 months she started to say words such as baba, tata, dada, but no mama :'( now she knows who is who, and she can understand what we say.. i wonder why didnt she say mama yet!


jilly01 - February 2

My DD did this was was saying, hi, dada, and dortee (we think doggie) since about 5.5 at 11 she never shuts up!!! lol


sahmof3 - February 2

Yep... that sounds about right. Mine said "dada" first. GGrrrr! And I think my younger two were close to that age, but sadly, I'm beginning to forget some of those things already!


mcatherine - February 2

apr - I can't believe Mandy is talking! Yea - I would say its for real. Hayes said dada at 5 months - and talked and talked and talked from that point forward. Hudson, on the other hand, barely babbles... (but the ladies here say that is normal..). There is another little boy at they gym with us now - hes 5 mos, too and he says dada and baba all the time!! Yay for you and Mandy!!


Mingill - February 3

I'd say it's real, why not. Daniel has said mamma a few times, but right now he's all about making raspberries. Hurray for Mandy.


BriannasMummy - February 3

When my dd was 5 months she started screaming "Be Happy" at the top of her lungs. There was no mistaking thats what she was saying.. once she said it the first time she never stopped.. everywhere we went she screamed "be happy".. at the mall.. at church.. when she was in bed.. in the car. Its totally possible that your son was saying dada!! Yay.. his first word! ~Kristin~


lexa - February 3

Aw, it's for real:-) My ds started with dada at 5 months too. Like jilly, by 11 months that was it...never ending! So cute. I can't wait until my dd starts "babbling". We are in the raspberry stage now too:-)


apr - February 3

hi lol. well, he is still saying it all the time. my dh said we should fill in that space in his baby book for first word. haha. i actually should get the credit for it. i talk about his daddy all the time to him. no mummy on the way : (


HannahBaby - February 3

my daughter said Baba and mama consistantly at that age. I do thinks its possible



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