Could This Week Get Any Worse AHHH OT

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Cassie06 - February 21

I am so frustrated right now I dont know if I want to cry or scream. Last week my car refused to start for 3 days no matter what we tried and we paid to have it towed to a garage and they got it to start just fine and brushed it off saying it was just the security system that shut it down for some reason. Then Monday night all the lights on my dashboard came on while I was driving and we took it to the garage and paid $200 to get a new alternator put on which was "sure to fix all the problems". Well this morning after taking DS to daycare all the lights came back on and also indicated that I had no brakes! I took the car back to the garage and DH picked me up, but he had to go to work and didnt have time to take me back to the daycare to get the baby so he is there for no reason. I was supposed to be doing my field experience this morning but couldnt get there so now I am missing 4 hours I am going to have to try to make up. I have class this afternoon and no idea how I am going to get there. Let alone how I am going to get the baby! Our water heater is messed up (I think an element might be burned out) and only heats about 2 minutes worth of water, so I have had to take cold showers every morning this week. I have tried calling our landlord but they still havent gotten anyone out here to fix it. I have about 7 hours of homework a night and cried for an hour last night because I feel like I never get to spend time with my hubby or DS. All my teachers are breathing down my neck because I am not as involved or creative in all the activities outside of the actual classtime and homework. I dont see why they dont understand I am not the typical college kid living on campus with no responsibilities but class and partying. I quit my job last month at the daycare and thought things would get better but it doesnt seem to be helping. I just dont know what to do. Thanks for listening. It feels a little better just to get it off my chest.


Lisastar9 - February 21

Do you have a friend you can call for her to taxi you around,um Spend the time working on your homeowrk without baby. . I wish I knew what to say. Hope things get better.


torbman - February 21

Hey Ca__sie06, I sure sympathize with you. Friday we took our car into have the fuel lines repaired and after we paid and pulled out of the garage, the rake went which its the hole seal for the steering wheel fluid. They want $600 more (forget it). Then 2 hours after hubby walked home from garage.... the sewer backed up in the house and was coming up through the bas____nt floor everything from the toilet. Got someone in that night the clean the pipe, then on Sunday it did it again. Called the plumber who this time blamed it on the city, then called city emergency line and they blame it on the plumber. So no one came til monday afternoon. We are a family of five with one bathroom. In all between that looking for rides or walking to get what we needed. I too am trying to keep the house in order and take a course to work at the hospital. Plus do some running. Good new though we found a van yesterday that we liked and will find out today if we get it. In the mean time we are borrowing DH step Mom's car. anyways your right it does feel better to talk about it.



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