Coupon Trading Question

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Shana B - June 6

I've noticed several of you trading formula coupons and my question is this... Will the store take them even if they have someone else's name on the check? I received a few checks from Good Start and Similac with my name on them but I only use Enfamil Lipil. I hate for them to go to waste so if someone can use them, please e-mail me at [email protected] and let me know. I just wasn't sure if they'd work if it wasn't your name on the check.


krnj - June 6

Hi Shana B, I have a bunch of Enfamil checks! I'll gladly trade for Similac if you have them! You can email me at [email protected]


Rabbits07 - June 6

Others can still use them. I suppose if you get a snotty cashier who demands to see I.D. they could refuse them, but most stores will just take them because they get their money regardless.


Evans mommy - June 6

Hi Shana B, I have 4 Enfamil Lipil coupons sent from Bi-Lo grocery store, but they say manufacturers coupon, not store coupon, so I'm thinking they can be used anywhere. I don't know if you are interested and want to chance it? I am looking to trade for Nestle Good start coupons. The Enfamil coupons are 1 Buy one get one free, and 3 $5.00 off. [email protected]


jessb - June 6

Yea they will take them. A check is a check and they dont care whose name is on it. I have had lots of people give me Similac ones and I have never had a problem using them.


Nerdy Girl - June 6

It's no problem. I get formula checks from my b___stfeeding friends all the time. And people sell the checks on Ebay and Craigs List.


ReneeM - June 7

Yeah, me and my friend are trading checks for formula. I just used one the other day with her name on it and had no problem.


jas - June 7

Where do you gals get the checks to begin with? I don't get anything and I think I signed up for any and all websites I could find...


Rabbits07 - June 7

You are supposed to get them by registering with them. I registered with Nestle Goodstart, Enfamil and Similac before ds was born. The only place I have received numerous things from is Goodstart (including coupons). I've received coupons from Enfamil only one time and they promised this whole big package...I had registered with them when preg with my 3-year-old and got all kinds of stuff. I've never received anything from Similac. I don't really know why...I had even re-registered while preg and still don't receive anything.



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