Covering Baby At Night

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JEN - May 26

How do you guys keep your babies covered up all night? My ds is a real squirmer LOL and he seems to wiggle out of his blanket about 2 times per night- then he wakes up. I am afraid to use a huge blanket because I don't want him to get tangled up or suffocate. I have also tried tucking in the sides of the blanket ( between the bed and the matress), but he gets out of that too! Any suggestions?


pbj - May 26

You gotta get you some sleep sacks. They zip up the front and your LO fits inside it like...well a little sack. They are SIDS approved. They come in cotton and fleece. They are cool for so many reasons...I've put my dd in one after she's fallen asleep and she never wakes up. They sell them at babies r us and also at They are not cheap so I only have 2 and I alternate. Seriously they are one of those baby items I could not live without...I buy them for all my friends who are new moms.


austinsmom - May 26

I second what pbj says the sleep sacks are great for a little wiggle worm....


Ginny - May 26

I also used a sleep sack when it was cooler. I live in TN, though, and it is already getting warm, so I just put her in long sleeve, toe covered creepers, and start her out covered up. If she wiggles out, I don't worry so much. Also, she's getting so chunky that she barly fits in her old sacks!


Marlene - May 26

I put my son in sleeps so his feet are covered. That was when he slept in his crib now he sleeps in the bed with me so if he kicks the covers off I put them back on.


Marlene - May 26

sorry that is suppose to be sleepers not sleeps.


ssmith - May 26

The best ones are called "Grobag" and I think they are from England. Anyway, they have what is called a "tog" rating and that has to do with how warm the bag is according to the temp. of the baby's room. This way, you can get one that will keep them just the right temp. They have really light ones for summer too. I think they even come with a thermometer so you can measure the temp of the room. They are expensive, but worth it for the peace of mind!! Babies R Us sells them.


JEN - May 26

Thanks, guys. My ds is 21lbs and 28 inches long- will he still fit in a sleep sac? Also, we live in Texas, so do you think it will be too warm? Thanks so much for your input!


ssmith - May 26

Grobags come in sizes for up to like 2-3 year olds!! Also, if you can find a light cool one, you could just put you LO in a onsie inside...


Rabbits07 - May 26

you can get the sleep sacks at Baby Depot also...they range from $7.99-$29.99 (here) depending on type and brand. I put my guy in a t-shirt & socks with footed sleeper and he does well.


amyh - May 27

sleep sacks! We bought one after about a week and I sleep so much better because of it


pbj - May 27

Jen, your question about weight and temp. I live in Florida, so I completely understand about heat!!! I think sometimes we need the sleep sack more because we keep the air conditioner running cold all the time. The sleep sack is sleevless, it goes on like a jacket, so on warmer nights you can maybe just put a t-shirt underneath, on cooler nights full pj's. I guess you could not putting anything on underneath, but I never have. My LO is 17 lbs and 27 " long and I have her in the medium size and she still has room. I know they do have a large size, but I'm not sure the weight and length limits. Check out that website it should tell you. ssmith, grobags sound really cool too.


miami_loca - June 2

pbj--i know what u mean----its always hot and humid here in Miami. What part of Fl. do you live in? Our bedroom is--for most of the night, pretty chilly because we run the air constantly, so i worry about my son"s comfort, but whats worked pretty well for us so far is.....instead of using blankets, i just put him in a long-sleeved footed cotton sleeper. He dosnt seem to mind not being covered up.


pbj - June 2

Sorry, I just saw your post....I live in Orlando. Miami huh? I think Orlando is hot, God bless ya...Miami is even way more hot than here. It's hard to know what to really put them in at night since the weather is so hot, but cold inside because of the a/c.


ash2 - June 3

my husband and i bought a " swadler" for up to 15 pounds . you can find them at babies r us! works great!



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