Crabby Baby

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Julie - November 15

I feel like my baby is the most crabby baby in the world. He is 4 weeks old and when he is not being held, eating or sleeping he is crying. We think he has colic. When my first son was this age he was sooo happy and smiling all of the time. He loved his swing, bouncer, etc. I can't get a thing done because my new little guy is very high maintenance!!!! I feel like all he does is cry. I am wondering why?????? I sure hope he outgrows this!


Amy - November 15

Hi Julie, I know exactly what you mean!! My baby is 9 weeks old and she always cries...i don't know if it's colic because it's never for more than 15-30 minutes at a time but it worries me. I like you feel like she'll never outgrow this! Good luck!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 15

No way, my 3 month old is the crabbiest! At least that is what I always tell him. He is colicky and although it is getting slowly better, he still fusses and crabs a lot! He is very high maintenance and I get zero done around the house. Hopefully it gets better soon. He is so sweet when he smiles and laughs. He is beautiful anyway, I just wish he was happy more often.


Sarah - November 15

My 2 1/2 month old is very crabby. Nights are the worst! My baby carrier(Snugli) is the only thing I can get her to calm down at night. You are not alone!!


Julie - November 16

Glad I am not alone. We have a period at night when he cries from around 5-9. He doesn't nap too much during the day. He sleeps and then I lay him down and he wakes back up. I swear he is overly tired. How much should a 4 week old be sleeping? I feel like he only sleeps in 15 min. intervals. He is doing well at night he only gets up once to eat around 2-3am it is just during the day he is sooo crabby!


Lissi - November 16

I spent the first 4 weeks of my daughter's life, walking around from dusk til dawn in a milk stained nightshirt, bad hair and a house that looked like it'd been burgled, it was so messy! Nadya was crabby, and she still has the odd day when she won't let me put her down, but it's getting better. :)



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