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KLC - June 20

Hi ladies....I have a 12 week old son who has a really bad case of cradle cap. I have three other children but none of them ever had this happen so I am new to this cradle cap thing. My poor babys head looks like alligator skin!!! Anyway I have tried everything from baby oil to Eucerin on him and the only result we get is a baby with a greasy looking head. Does anyone know of anything else I can try to get rid of it?


Ginny - June 20

Brush, brush, brush and brush! My baby was born with a head full of really thick hair, and it was hard to get any of the treatments down onto her scalp. The pedi told me to use Nizorol (sp?) shampoo and to brush her hair alot. I ended up using a comb because it reached the scalp better and the stiff teeth could sc___pe better - and I would do it every time I fed her, snuggled her, or just walked by. Also, I began washing her hair more often. It's all gone now. I hope you're able to get rid of it - good luck!


Ang - June 20

I started using an intense moisture body/hair wash by J&J for my son. then brush brush brush and lotion his scalp up despite the fact that it made his hair ewwy.


AprilMum - June 20

Isn't it so frustrating?! When my daughter was three months, everyone kept bugging me to get her pictures taken - but she had a raging case of cradle cap! Anyways, we use Gentle Naturals, by Orajel. It is unfortunatly, as greasy as the others, but it does do a good job of loosening everything up. I would wait until she was falling asleep, and then sit there with a super fine tooth comb, and get every scale. Tedious....but it was driving me crazy!


pbj - June 20

When you use baby oil you must leave it on for a minute to loosen the scales. Then brush with a soft baby toothbrush. I used a comb to remove the scales from the hair. You should not use strong shampoos until they're at least 6 months old. So your best bet is baby oil. After you remove the scales, shampoo his hair several times to remove all the oil from the scalp and hair. Baby oil will make it worse if you do not remove it completely. It will work if you use a toothbrush to lift the cradle cap from the scalp. Cradle cap will generally disappear by 12 months. You don't need to shampoo their hair more often, just be sure to cleanse his scalp well when you do.


Kel - June 20

I just saw a cradle cap treatment at Target the other, I can't remember the name! It was like a teal-ish color bottle and it was near all the other baby washing items, lotions, wash, etc. I might run to Target today, so I'll try to remember to catch the name if I remember!


KLC - June 20

wow, thanks for the advice girls, I feel like an idiot. I was putting the baby lotion on his head but I was keeping it on all day long thinking that the soaking in would help. I wasn't aware that it actually makes it worse. My poor little guy!!!! Thats why I love this forum, you always know someone has been though every situation and advice from other moms is sometimes better than anything else. Thanks everyone


KLC - June 20

I meant baby oil not lotion, man this no sleep thing is really starting to get to me!!!!!


TinaMarie - June 20

OK, you all may think this is crazy but my mom told me to use vegetable oil. I tried it and it worked. (alothough I am sure it would be the same as baby oil) My friends son had it terrible. I told her about....she laughed said no way and then after the shampoos did not work for her she called me and asked how to do it. After doing it 2 times it was completely gone. I put the oil on, let it sit for about 5 mins and then started combing. It just comes off in big flakes. After combing for a while I washed her hair good with baby shampoo and repeated it 2 days later. She never had it again. It looks icky while you are doing it but it really did work.


hrsmith - June 20

My son had it really bad too. It actually started to ooze at times because he would scratch it. My dr. ended up prescribing a topical antibiotic but also recommended that I use T/Sal theraputic shampoo by Neutrogena. That seemed to help. Otherwise, it just goes away on it's own. It did last for a long time with my son. He had it until he was 6 months.


melissa g. - June 20

i have read in various places that jojoba oil ma__saged into the scalp is helpful! (jojoba also helps regulate sebum production)


Heather - June 20

My son had a severe case of cradle cap for several months. His pedi recommended using betadine (sp?) before shampooing and then wash it out and shampoo. Then after his bath I would put baby oil in his air and then feed him his night time bottle and brush his hair right before I put him down. The cradle cap was gone in only a week! My pedi said it is actually a bacterial thing so the betadine would kill all the germs. Good Luck!


JEN - June 20

Hey KLC! Gerber makes an awesome kit that includes 4 things- mineral oil, shampoo, leave-in treatment and a special comb with little ma__sager things on each bristle. It was only like 10 bucks and the cradle cap was gone in 2 days.


Rabbits07 - June 20

olive oil is good, too. Rub it on his head before he goes to bed and leave it on all night. In the morning use a fine tooth comb to remove the scales...then bathe with a mild shampoo to get rid of the "Fonz" looking greasy hair.


^lucy^ - June 21

yeah as rabbits said,, i heard that olive oil works wonders for cradle cap.. good luck, hope it works for ur little guy :)



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