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Ronni - July 3

hi ladies, i think my son may have cradle cap. the top of his head under his hair is all flaky. it looks like snake skin! he is 3 months old. anyone have experience with this?if so what did you do, is their a shampoo i should use, or maybe call my pedi to find out?


afanderson - July 3

My son had it and so does my daughter. There is not much to worry about its just kinda unsightly. What I do with my daughter (5mo) is when I wash her hair I use a fine tooth comb and brush through her scalp and its seems to keep it under control. Now with my son (he is 7) I didnt use the comb and it got bad. The doctors say you can use some mineral oil and a baby tooth brush also. So far for me the comb has worked great and prevents it from getting bad and is less messy and greasy. Good Luck!


ca_pink - July 3

Our pedi recommended that we apply olive oil and leave it on for 10-20 minutes. Brush the scalp with a baby brush (or soft toothbrush) and then wash it well with baby shampoo. My friend's baby had a really bad case, she used Nature's Element (green bottle, I think that's what it's called) and she said it worked amazingly well. Good luck!


AprilMum - July 3

We used Gentle Naturals by Orajel - it's in a thin teal bottle, and I found it at Target - it's made for Cradle Cap, and while it is a bit greasy, you don't have to use it often. Anyways, you put it on, wash it out, and it really does help the scales lift, so afterwards you just comb out what you can. We've had to do it a few times, but it's really clearing up.


lindsay - July 3

when my son had it, my ped actually told me to use 'head & shoulders" shampoo... he said the only reason it says not to use on children under 6 is because it is illegal to do testing on kids that young, but that it is perfectly safe... i used it and it worked great! just combed his hair w/ a fine-toothed comb after washes too... all the other advice sounds good here too, if you're not willing use "adult"shampoo on your baby. you basically just need something to help the scales loosen so they can be brushed away.


lil mumma - July 4

My son started to get it at about 4 weeks. I smothered the area in Vaseline and put a cotton hat on him for a few hours, then simply sc___ped it off gently with my nails. Worked like a charm!


bbm - July 4

Good ideas. I didn't even know there were products specifically for cradle cap.


SonyaM - July 4

We used baby oil before bathime and then used shampoo and the baby brush from the hospital. It took a while of being consisitent but it has gone away now. Good luck.


HANNAHs Mom - July 4

Both of my girls also experienced a bout or two of cradle cap. I gently ma__saged a little vaseline onto their scalp for a few minutes.....washed their hair and then brushed out the flakes...and repeated as necessary. Good luck.


hrsmith - July 4

I used baby oil to begin with. My son ended up developing a terrible case of cradle cap. It wasn't all over his head, but he had 2 big patches. One of the patches actually began to puss a little bit ( i know it's gross). I took him in, but my dr. told me it wasn't an infection but he gave me a topical antibiotic to use anyway. Besides that, he told me to use T/Sal shampoo by neutrogena. I only used a small amount but it seemed to really help. Be careful if you use it, it isn't tear free. Hope your baby doesn't get it as bad as my son did. It was completely gone by 6 months. Good luck. BTW, if it gets red or irritated because he itches it, you can use cortizone cream as well. My dr. recommended that too.


gofaulk28 - July 10

My dr recommended Cortaid- it cleared up right away!


kr - July 10

Hi Ronni, All these ladies have the right idea, I woould add that yiu should watch for it around the eyebrow area too. My LO had awful acne at 7 weeks. We were so busy with that, that we didn't notice the cap on her brow.


ash2 - July 10

take a baby comb and some vaseline to his scalp and go to work.....



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