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Bellas Mom - December 7

My son, 12 weeks, has cradle cap. He started having it around 3-4 weeks, now I do the oil/special lotion, scrub and wash thing, it looks okay, but by night time it's all crusty and scaley again, urgh!! My daughter had it too, and I forgot when it went away. Do you know when he'll be showing signs of improvement? Anyone else out there, and what do you do with your lo?


ImpatientMommy - December 7

I didn't think it went away on it's own at all. I thought the only way it'd go away is if you did something about it. My daughter is 5.5 months and still has it but she has SO much hair that you can't see it and it's really hard to get off when she has so much hair. I actually keep forgetting about it because I don't always see it. Around 3 months I did the whole oiling up her head and trying to sc___p it off and I got a lot off on one side of her head but her hair, even after washing, was all greasy for like 3 days haha she looked so funny.


mlm056 - December 8

Hi, my son had it too --he is 5 months now and it just disappeared. He is bald as a bowling ball so it was very easy to see... I did the oil rub too every night and then rubbed with a towel. Hang in there!


lin7604 - December 8

my ds had it really bad till 4 or 5 months i think. I rubbed him down with vaseline as the ped said not to use oil as it may irritate it more. I picked it off daily. He had kinda thin hair sections in those areas for awhile as he didn't have much hair and it was thin. He now is 13 months and still has very thin hair but a lot of it and i can still seeon the one side of his head where it was bad, the thinness in that area of hair.


crrodgers - December 10

My doctor told me to try Selsun Blue shampoo! I thought it was weird, but it really helps! My DS had it really bad and it has gotten alot better. I also use Eucerin (kind of like vaseline). Poor kid, he looks like a balding old man...he's got plenty of hair on the sides and the back but it has almost all fallen off on the top cause I rub the eucerin on it all of the time!


Mariefe - December 10

My 6weeks daughter had it when she was 2 weeks old with a lot of baby acne too. It looked really bad specially on her eye brows! I pity her everytime she scratches her face and turns red! I only put baby oil on it and had her under the early morning sun rays for a very short while every day. I gently sc___ped off her cradle cap with my fingers after that and it really worked wonders after 2 weeks! now she has no more baby acne and cradle cap! Thanks God i can now take nice pictures of her to send as Christmas card for our friends! Try it, it may work for your baby..


excited2bemama - December 10

did you try olive oil and a comb? soak his head in olive oil (just pour some on and rub it in..then comb against the hair.. it worked for my dd.. she had it pretty bad. too


jen327 - December 10

My son had it bad, he is 4 1/2 months and it just came back, what I was told by our dr to use was selson blue. It worked wonders. Never thought it would, but it went away and stayed away, it just came back last weekends so we are starting to use it again. Good luck.


JessC531 - December 14

My dd has it too (4 months) and I just can't seem to get rid of it. It's really hard to use oil, because she's got a TON of hair. I do once in a while, but then her hair stays greasy for a long time! I try to pick it off, but there's so much and I think I'm driving her crazy always picking at her head. LOL. I'm going to ask the pedi about the Selson Blue when I go next week...


kimberly - December 14

My first son had it and I was told to use a dandruff shampoo and not to use oil because the oil would make it worse. The shampoo worked great.


abriamiacadia - December 14

My friend actually got out my son's cradle cap for me by getting a baby brush, and using the tips of the bristles to sc___pe out the flakes, then baby lotion. It worked great. And he hardly has it anymore.


TahliasMama - December 14

My dd had cradle cap bad, as well as really dry skin. My health nurse told me this and it worked for me. I rubbed cold pressed olive oil (not baby oil) into her hair at every nappy change. Then at night, had a bath with her and lathered up her hair with baby bath wash and gave it a good ma__sge to loosen all the flakes. It took about a week but it has all cleared up now.


mamatom - December 18

My son had this when he was 4 weeks old and I think it lasted till he was 3.5 months old.. I used to pick at it too.. But my mom just put cooking oil (or olive oil) before his bath... He would have a bath, it would get loose and after that just took a small baby comb and it just fell off.. It took maybe 3 or 4 days of doing this and it hasn't come back since... His was pretty bad...



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