Cradle Cap

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Jamie - September 1

My daughter has very dry flaky skin all over....she was born 10 weeks premature and the dr says its just her skin getting used to the air and what not. I dont think so, ive tried every type of lotion on her but it seems like after a few hours she is dry again and flaky. What should i use on her baby oil? she does have flakes in her hair but it isnt any where near as bad as her forehead. so any suggestions?


N - September 1

Actually, doctor's recommend vegitable oil, but because it stinks, and alot of parents feel uncomfortable with it, baby oil works almost as well (and it smells nice). Before bed, rub ALOT of it in, but very gently, you don't want to flake anything off. In the morning gently wash her hair, don't scrub, then dry it really well.. if the baby has hair, brush it gently with the soft baby brushes.. do this about every other day.. I did this for about two weeks and it was gone, and stayed gone.. They just look greasy for a while :P I noticed the by second time i did it some of the flakes just came off when i put the baby oil on.. i just left them though, and washed them out the next morning.. it is alot of work, but it really helps.. good luck :)


Erica - September 1

Have you tried to put petroleum jelly on baby's forehead? It is a super great moisturiser!


Stefanie, RN - September 1

Cradle cap comes from insufficient stimulation to the scalp which makes it difficult for your baby to shed the dead skin. Try using Mustela baby shampoo which contains salicyclic acid to help get rid of the flakes and then apply Eucerin cream to the scalp and forehead. Make sure to gently comb the scalp to provide stimulation.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 1

Amaya has very dark hair. She had cradle cap at about 4 weeks and it was very noticable. We started bathing her daily and it helped alot. We had to use baby shampoo not the baby wash/shampoo all in one but just j&j shampoo. We would put it in her hair and take her baby brush and gently ma__sage her head. Just brush the shampoo really good. We also used a little bit of lotion in her hair but I dont think the lotion helped. Her cradle cap was cleared in like a week.


Brittany - September 1

I heard that cradle cap wasn't dry skin, it was the skin coming off because the area was too oily/clogged. I also heard baby oil or any oils aren't good because it clogs pores on the scalp and makes it worse. Thats only what I've heard though. I would personally leave it alone because the skin peeling is the reaction her body is giving to something on her head. Maybe just put a hat on her and leave it alone, thats just my advice though. My son had peeling on his head and I left it alone. Good luck!!


Nay - September 3

our pediatrician had us basically saturate my dd's head with baby oil and use a soft but firm bristled baby comb on her head. the comb helped get off the shedding skin. i rubbed her head with the comb several times a day and her cradle cap was gone in a week. I also added some vitamin E oil out of capsules to the baby oil.


s - September 12

this may sound crazy but try a and d ointment the original stuff but be sure that she doesnt put any part you just covered in her mouth stiking a sock over her hand will work it worked on my daugter she had dry hands and feet when she was born a and was the only thing that worked it also is the best for dieper rash my daugter is 5 months and hasnt had any I only put a and d on after baths and very wet or full diapers


jess - September 29

My daughter had some mild cradle cap around 1-2 moths.. and i reead that its the oil that holds skin to the head, and read that baby oil could do the trick... and was HORRiFIED that my daughters hair (it was long- about 3-4 iches) was HOPELESSLY matted to her head- and worse! i saw no difference in flaked.. except they were oily and matted too! and NOTHING could get the oil out! nothign! my little grease ball looked SO funny. I tried to remove it with baby shampoo, combs, my shampoo, handsoap... finally, i wa slike what can cut this grease and still be soft on skin? and, my mother still wants to shoto me to this day, but i put a drop of non-ultra dawn dish soap in her hair... out came the oil AND the flakes... and when it came back a week later, i tried jsut a drop of dish soap on the spot.. and it was gone. It makes sense that it woudl work (breaking up the skin from the sclap)... but it was a last resort! she never had it again!



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