Cradle Cap On Face Need Advice

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renee - March 6

my dd has very very bad cradle cap. It has spread to her face.There are patches on her cheeks right by her ears that are so crusty and then it continues down her face to her cheeks and she is so red. I am frustrated with her doctor bec. she has given her an antibiotic bec. of the open seeping sores on her head but won't let me put anything on her face for 10 days and then i can use a type of hydrocortisone cream. If I wait 10 days it is going to look absolutely horrible. It itches her so bad. We have considered a dermatologist but don't want to go that route bec. of the cost. Any advice would really help.


luviduvi - March 6

I would use Vaseline on dd and ds head. It moistens the scales so when you bath them, take the wash rag and lightly scrub. the scales should be gone within a week or two


renee - March 6

I have been doing that and it hasn't helped. But I guess I am more concerned about her face


Perl - March 6

Oh poor baby girl! Why wait 10 days? My ds got really red blotchy and bumpy skin on his face when he was about 4 weeks old and I was told to put hydrocortisone to help with the itching. So it can't be because your dd is too young. What reason did he give? ** I just got rid of my son's cradle cap over a period of a week by doing two things: 1) washing with Huggies gentle wash (the Johnson & Johnson's was the cause of his bumpy skin) but since your dd has seeping sores you probably don't want to use any soap or wash at all until it scabs over; and 2) this might help your dd---I dabbed small amounts of Aquaphor all over his head with my fingers and then tissued it off and combed through his hair verrrry gently with his tiny little fine toothed comb and amazingly most of the crusty stuff came off on the comb. I wouldn't do it all in one day though since it could be irritating. But he's cradle cap free now. Also I don't bathe my ds every day but I do towel off his face, neck and head every morning with a warm wet washcloth (only water no soap) and then moisturize with sensitive skin lotion (again Huggies). Good luck to you! Cradle cap is very normal and I know it's worse for some babies but it will go away. If Dr. doesn't want you to use the hydrocortisone, use vaseline or aquaphor or some type of moisturizer. Just make sure you use a thin layer so your dd won't rub the stuff into her eyes.


renee - March 6

The doctor said to wait 10 days bec. I had previously used the hydrocortisone cream for 2 weeks and it cleared up right away and then came back. So I am trying an antibiotic for the open sores first and then restarting the cream. I guess you aren't supposed to use such high % of creams on the face for a long period of time?


aggie03 - March 6

try olive oil it worked best for my dd


Perl - March 7

I thought the antibiotic was only for the sores on her head but if you're using it on her face too then I'd understand. Definitely put something on your poor daughter's face though. Any of the above suggestions could help and I don't see how they would hurt other than mixing with antibiotic which would reduce its effectiveness I guess.


tryingx3 - March 8

Just wanted to note something I found interesting from Perl's post - my dd broke out when using J&J lotion on her face...we use strictly Aveeno for Baby now.


freeflyingangel - March 8

Using baby oil and keeping the skin constantly covered with it might help some.



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