Cradle Cap Seeping

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renee - February 21

my dd has cradle cap pretty bad and her head seeps out liquid because of it. has anyone else ever had this happen and if so anything I can do to prevent it or to put on it?


Bonnie - February 21

Well, I was just at the doctor today because Mason has had a huge eczema outbreak and she pointed out the cradle cap that he has always had. We even use dandruff (adult) shampoo which doesn't help. She said it is eczema related and is having me start hydrocortozone cream.


hrsmith - February 21

my son had the same thing. my dr. recommended T/Sal shampoo by Neutrogena( I am not sure if that name is exact, but look for neutrogena brand). It is the adult version. You just rub a small amount on their head during bath time. that seemed to help more than anything. honestly, my son did not get over it until well after 6 months. Dont' worry thought, it will eventually go away:)


lin7604 - February 21

my ds has it too, it was very bad before 2.5 months, the dr also perscribed me hydrocortizone cream and it does help a bit but my ds has bad eczema as well over his entire body but the cradle cap is a lot smaller now and comes and go's in phases.


renee - February 21

have you had it seep out though? I have been trying the t-gel shampoo and it is still there. I just want it to stop seeping.


shelly - February 22

is it a clear liquid renee. my ds got awful cradle cap and has a more pronunced cradle cap on the side of one of his cheeks just below the hairline, ive not noticed it seeping but it is very moist and damp. ive been use the tinest bit of head and shoulders.


renee - February 22

i guess you could say its clear liquid. I am not really sure. But she woke up this morning and her head was just drenched all over. I can't seem to figure it out.


DeeJay - February 22

<y dd had cradle cap very bad, and we used Gentle Naturals we got it at Babies R Us. It cleared it up in 2 applications. I warn you though, after you use it her whole scalp started flaking off, it was so gross. It was all oily and nasty, big chunks of flakes, but I kept combing it out and the next time I washed her hair, it is almost gone. Best 7$ spent yet!!!


hrsmith - February 22

renee, my son had clear fluid like stuff seep from his head. I was worried it was an infection, but my dr. said it wasn't. I know it's gross, but it's just really bad cradle cap. It will go away eventually.


renee - February 22

hrsmith-so you just let it go and eventually it went away? How long did it take before it went away? My dd is 4 months this sunday.



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