Cranky Baby

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Amie - January 6

My little girl will be 8 weeks on Monday. She seems to be cranky whenever she is awake. We have started to have our moments where she is smiling but it just seems that most of the time she is not happy. I run down the checklist...diaper change, hungry, etc. She also hates tummy time. Is her crankyness normal?


Christy - January 6

Amie- I am in th same boat as you, although some days are definitely better than others. I am convinced that the child does not sleep enough and I am trying not to let him be awake for more than 2 hours at a time. It is hard though. He was up fussing and crying from like 7PM until 1AM last night. Ugh. I don't know if it is normal. but it is frustrating to say the least.


Christy - January 6

BTW- my baby was 8 weeks on Monday and will be officially 2 months old tomorrow as well. :)


AutumnsMommy - January 6

Amie, it could possible be a phase your baby is going through...Autumn is almost 4 months old, and when she was about 8 weeks, I seem to remember her being a bit cranky...Have you tried swaddling her? She could be ga__sy too, maybe you should try some Mylicon drops. Also, at 8 weeks, a baby's nervous system is advancing at a rapid rate and she is becoming more aware of her surroundings...My Dr. said that it's normal for a baby to be fussy a lot around that age. I would recommend simulating the womb environment as best as you can....gentle swaying or rocking, swaddling, dim lights, soft music, good luck.


Amie - January 6

Thank you Ladies! I'm glad I'm not alone...hopefully Christy and I (and our little ones) will move past this little phase quickly! :)


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 6

Amie, I have the crankiest baby in the world LOL! He is 4 mos and is getting better, he just has a short attention span and wants to be held ALL the time! He also does not sleep really well. He had colic as a newborn. It does get better though! Good luck!


Shannon - January 6

maybe she's tired. my isabelle (10 weeks old) gets cranky but it's almost always because she's tired. once she naps she's a little angel. baby's can just have "cranky days" too. oh, christy- i try to get isabelle to nap every like hour and a half.



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