Cranky Time

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SarahB - May 18

My son is 2 weeks old today and it seems like from 6 pm until about 9 pm he has cranky time. He screams and screams and nothing comforts him. I dont know what to do to get him to stop. He isnt hungry, or have a dirty diaper or need to be burped. What else could it be? Has anyone had a baby that did this?


Chelle - May 18

It's pretty common for young babies to have a cranky time in the evening. My daughter did the same thing until she was about 2 or 3 months old. Have you tried swaddling him? I use to rock my daughter and that would calm her down sometimes. Just hold him while he's doing this and try not to stress to much, babies can sence that. If you're getting worked up, hand him off to someone else or put him down for a few minutes so you can calm down. And just remember that this will pa__s. Good luck : )


Rabbits07 - May 18

If he is actually screaming and crying and not just cranky it may be colic. Just try all the tips chelle suggested. If it's colic all you can really do is try to comfort and ride it out.


meme - May 18

Hey SarahB. My son will be 3 weeks on Saturday, and he has all different cranky times of the day. I'm pretty sure they all grow out of it soon. I helped raise someone else's baby a few years back, and it seems like around three or four months, they become really fun... they start smiling & giggling & don't cry as much. And my baby's cries are a lot easier for me to handle than someone else's baby's, if that makes any sense. Good luck!


Bonnie - May 18

If it is generally at certain times everyday (especially the evening like you have), that sounds like colicky type behavior. It peaks at 6 weeks and usually goes away by 3-4 months. If it starts happening more than 2-3 hours and all day long, there may be something else going on.


SarahB - May 18

Thanks everyone for the tips. Chelle I have tried swaddling him, he hates it. It makes him scream worse. I am hoping he will grow out of this very soon. I just get so stressed DH works nights so Im all alone to deal with this.


Bonnie - May 18

It's tough to deal with Sarah. I've heard that Baby Whisperer book is great about colic, though I have not read it. Just be on the lookout if it becomes an all day type thing.


YC - May 18

My dd had colic. I am hopeing that is not what your baby has. It is hard but yes it will pa__s. I recomend the book "Happiest Baby on the Block". Also if your baby is fed, changed and comfortable but still screaming it is ok to put them in a bouncer, swing or somewhere safe and go in to the other room for a few minutes to regain your composure and keep your sanity. Do you have anyone who can help in the evenings. My db also worked nights so I know exactly what you are going through. There were nights were I broke down and cried right along with my daughter. This will pa__s!!!


Bonnie - May 18

Oh, my bad....YC, THAT was the book I was thinking of. Thanks for posting it!


Newmom - May 18

My ds did that. Turns out it was gas. I changed feeding positions, keeping his mouth above his tummy. He also had an intolerance to some foods I was eating. Are you bf?


Jamie - May 19

I was fortunate and got a very even-tempered and healthy baby, with no colic or reflux, but she would occasionally have cranky periods too - for me, the solution was to predict when the cranky would happen, and put her to sleep about 10 minutes prior. I think that because putting her to sleep worked, she was just overtired.



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