Crawling Backwards

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Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 7

My daughter has been crawling backwards for about a month now, she don't go forward, just backwards...anyone else had a baby crawl backwards? She does get on her knees and try to go forward (she rocks) but usually falls and then gives up. She does good by turning herself and going the other way and its cute cause she crawls backwards and gets stuck under the couch or if something is between her legs (the table) she tries so hard to go forward...but I have to move her. She can already stand up by grabbing things (mainly in her crib though) she is everywhere and finally doesn't mind being on the floor because she can play and explore, but how long do you think it will take her to start going forward? I know its not a problem, but I'm just curious since its almost been a month


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 7

Oh and she is 6 months old too


Bridget - March 7

Yes, she will go forward eventually. My son did the exact same thing. He'd crawl backwards under things and peek out. But he crawled "late" like at 9+ months and basically took his time at everything (walked at 13.5 months,rolled over at 6 months, sat up independently at about 8 months) But now he's 2 and there is no slowing him down (he runs EVERYWHERE) so don't worry, she'll be fine.


blueb__terfly - March 7

My ds did the EXACT same thing. He started to crawl backwards very early, and he did that for a few months. He was about 7 1/2 months when he finally went forward. Actually, my MIL got down on the floor and showed him how to do it, and she moved his arms for him. It took him a long time too, and he rocked for a long time, so I always thought he was so close to going forward. He found it very frustrating! She will get it soon enough......and of course, now he is crawling like a madman, and into everything!


MNMOM - March 7

My son is 8 months old and also crawls backwards!!! He just started this. He hasn't figured out how to go forward yet! :)


cubbie - March 8

Congratulations nerdy, you're on the way to having a crawler - most babys crawl backward or in circles before they go forward, both my girls took about a month to learn to crawl, before you know it she'll be everywhere so fast and you'll have a new job of baby cop! Let us know her progress.


DDT - March 8

I have read that some babies crawl backwards to begin with...don't worry she will catch on pretty quickly and within a month (at the most) will be crawling everywhere. My ds started rocking on hands & knees at 7 months and then started crawling by 8 months.


wailing - March 9

My son crawled backwards at 6 months too. Then at 7 months, one day he just went forward. Now we can't stop him and he just haul b___t everywhere and has started cruising along all our furniture. It's very cute...but I kinda miss the days when they were more stationary haha!



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