Crawling On His Head

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Cassie06 - February 19

One more question before I go! Not to hog the boards but I have been away for a while and there is a lot I need to ask! Like I said, DS is now 6 1/2 months old and has started crawling. He can pick his belly up and holds himself up on his arms and legs and moves forward, but most of the time he keeps his forehead down on the ground and scoots it along. I know he can hold it up, because he has been since he was about 2 months old. And he can hold it up when he sits up, and can get up on his own. So why is he not picking it up when he crawls?? Should I be worried or is it just him trying to figure out how to do it?


LollyM - February 19

hey ca__sie! been busy? I was about to email you on myspace, but I go on her allot more often =) Anyway, I don't know what to tell you about the crawling thing.. Ava hates being on her tummy and just lays there and cries when I give her some tummy time! Hopefully she will crawl eventually! lol. She sits up by herself and can stand a little, so maybe she will just skip crawling! I would guess that Connor is probably just doing that because he is trying to figure it out though. Good to see you back! =)


AnytimeLittleone - February 19

Wow ca__sie, he's quick! Eva is just rocking on all 4's, and showing no interest in being mobile :(


Ca__sie06 - February 19

hi again girls! :) Yeah, things are so hectic with school this semester. I have about 6 hours of homework a night so I am usually only on the computer late at night and usually only to do homework. Connor is so full of himself!! He wants to be in EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME!! Its cute but keeps me so busy! He rolls everywhere already and tries to pull himself up on everything and throws stuff. He sits up and screams when you try to lay him down. When I put him in his walker he takes off flying through the house. I cant turn my back for a second! He figured out how to pull down and unlatch his carseat straps on his infant seat so I had to buy him a new carseat he cant get out of! He is a little escape artist!


LollyM - February 19

wow! he is so smart! Ava is smart too, she can take off her diaper! lol


dy - February 19

i'm not the only one! my dd is 6 mos and she does the same thing. i think they're just trying to figure out the right way to do it. somebody suggested crawling around to show them, but dd just looks at me and goes back to doing it her way


Ca__sie06 - February 20

Lolly, Connor does the same thing!! It has been freezing here so he is hardly laying around in just a diaper, but I had him in one the other day right after he got out of the tub. I layed him in his crib to answer the phone and went back to his bed to get him and he had undone his diaper and had it pulled all the way down. When he saw me he pulled it back up and gave me a crooked grin. He is so mischievious!! And dy, I heard that too. I tried to crawl and show him and he fell down on the floor and started cracking up. I dont think that accomplished a thing!! haha


DeeJay - February 20

My dd just started doing this. I am afrain she is going to get rug burn on her forhead. Again, I also know she can lift her head up, she does it all the time, but for some reason she gets her legs under her and her tummy up, but the head stays on the floor. She gets so mad that she can't go faster, and I try to show her by picking her head up, but then she screams. I guess she'll get it sooner or later! ( SHE WILL BE 6 MO. TOMORROW TIME GOES TOOOO FAST!)



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