Crazy Hair Loss Take Two

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sashasmama - November 19

Well, I was bragging about how my hair loss isn't as bad as it was after I had my first and BAM, it's actually worse! It's EVERYWHERE, it's coming out in big huge clumps ALLLLL day. I brush it out very good and put it up, then two hours later brush it again and just as much comes out. I can't even wear it down anymore because it gets all over my clothes, not like the usual one or two hairs, but seriously, my back is covered. I can already see some thinning in the front...and my ponytail's about a third thinner than it used to be :(((( long did this last for you? With my first it laster for over a year...I'm just hoping it won't be this long this time. It's a lot, like scary a lot...


Buffi R. - November 19

I can't remember how long the hair loss typically lasts, but with the amount you're describing, you might want to mention it to your doctor because it could be a thyroid imbalance. There's a simple blood test you could have to check that. Hope you get some answers soon!


stefkay - November 19

Elena!!! Hey how's it going? How is yourlittle man? omg, I had/have this too....I started with fine wasn't super thin, but really fine. So after the pregnancy I got hyperthyroidism so I think that made my hairloss even worse. It seems to have died down, but for a while it was coming out everywhere like you mentioned. Even when I walked around barefoot I would get it wrapped around my toes so it was in the carpet. GROSSSSSS! I was constantly vaccuuming. ugh. Anyways, I got used to my hair being nice and thick while pregnant I guess because now it's back to being flat and a skimpy little ponytail when I pull it back. I'm going to get it majorly highlighted this weekend just so it has some texture.


DDT - November 19

My hair loss was just as bad as yours. With both my boys it took 5-6 months and then my hair went back to normal shedding. I found that after having ds2 my hair loss was more fast and furious than after having ds1. My hair thinned out way more after the 2nd baby and I noticed thinning near my temples. Thankfully it slowed down at 5 months pp and now seems to have stopped entirely at 5.5 months pp.


sashasmama - November 20

I had my thyroid checked and everything's normal! I guess, once again, I'm stuck with something that doesn't happen much (like having a reaction to an epidural, lol, and starting a period 5 weeks post-partum while exclusively b___stfeeding). I just hope it slows down. It just started happening at 4 months, so I'm just hoping it'll slow by 6 months, like your's did!



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