Crazy Ladies Vent

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Deirdra - January 23

So i was in the store the other day and this elderly lady comes up to me and asked me about my ds and how old and what not, he had his binky in and was awkae too...i told the lady he was 3 months old and she looked at me like i was crazy and told me thats to old to have a binky and that her kids didnt have binkys and all this BS...i was like look hes not your kid he is mine ill do what i want when i want go it? i was furious i think i scared i dont need a total stanger telling me how to raise my kid...


Deirdra - January 23

got* her*


Steph - January 23

This is one of those things that you have to get used to....I don't really think that people mean to come across gruff or telling you what to do....they just want to talk. I always feel kinda sorry for the old ladies who kinda bum rush you when they see the little babies. A lot of them don't have any grandchildren/greatgrandchildren and they feel they've got to give their advice to someone. I wouldn't take it personally...just smile, nod, and then let it fleet your brain!


rl- - January 23

old ladies give advice.... take it and.... move away LOL!!! ( :


lexa - January 23

Ditto on Steph and rl! Just keep in mind that we will one day be "one of them" and will probably be a little crazy too:-) (or some of us....crazier)


aurorabunny - January 23

Okay I just tried to post a reply to this and it didn't work...weird. Anyways, I was just saying it's only respectful to be a little more tolerant in those types of situations, IMO. Just keep in mind that they did everything TOTALLY differently when their kids were little and they *think* that they are helping. Think being the key word and nod does work wonders.


hello - January 24

I'm in aus, whats a binky? Like a blankie ... do you mean... Funnily enough i've never had any little old ladies say anything, non stop from friends though...


mummy2paris - January 24

people in the street really do think pregnant women and mums r puplic property and they can put the 2 pence in when eva they want. i no i no it will never change but it is bloody irritating lol


eclipse - January 24

A binky is a pacifier, hello. I hate it when people come and touch my baby's hands before I can stop them-he puts his hands in his mouth! That drives me crazy! At least I haven't had to deal with the random people that much, but I haven't taken him out that much either!



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