Crazy Stressful Doctor Visit Vent

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CassJ - February 16

I took my ds to the doctor today because he has been pulling at his ears and running a slight fever and when they took his temp there it was 103.0 which kind of freaked me out because it had not been that high at home. Then they checked his ears, swabbed the back of his throat, swabbed inside of his nose, examined his throat, drew blood and then they said they had to do a catherter(sp?) to get a urine sample. My poor baby screamed bloody murder the whole time we were there. They couldn't find out what was wrong with him so they said it was probably just a virus and to let it run its course. All that and it is just a virus! And then to top it off when we were leaving the doctor had the nerve to say, " He sure is a good form of birth conrol." I just wanted to smack her.


mosley12 - February 16

i hate drs. sometimes too! when ds was about 3 months old, he had been running a cold and was breathing kind of fast, so we took him to the ER, and when the dr. was done examining him and listening to his symptoms, he told us he had RSV and needed to run test ad xray his lungs to see if he needed to be admitted and make sure he didnt have pneumonia ( he had it when he was born and was in NICU for 10 days) so for 2 hours we sat there and i was freaking out thinking i was going to have to leave my baby in the hospital again, than the dr. came back adn was like oh its jsut a cold..and had the nerve to tell me i was just overreacting and they get over reactive parents all the time! a catherter? your poor baby!


Smilefull - February 16

ah man I would've b**** slapped her. How dare she?


aurorabunny - February 16

Oh my GOD "he sure is a good form of birth control"?????!?? ....I don't even know what to say to that one. Geez.


SonyaM - February 16

How rude. I would find another Dr. just for that comment. Sorry you had such a bad visit. Hope your son gets to feeling better soon. I hate it when my kids are sick.


Ca__sJ - February 16

She is not our regular doctor. Our pediatrician is wonderful. This lady acted like she was annoyed by him crying. Ummm, you are sticking a tube in his p___s. ahhh!


Jenn2 - February 16

Dont even get me started on MD's. In truth...they cant even treat anything execpt infections. Whenever you get a virus, flu or the cold.....all they say is....."just let it run its course"....yet somehow you still have to pay for the visit like they actually did something. On top of that I have chosen to delay my dd's vaccinations, and spread them out a bit. I have literally gotten in a verbal fight with a couple of them b/c alot of them do not respect others views.


Keli - February 16

the birth control comment would have been the last straw for me. I think you should find another dr. that is just rude and disrespectfull.


lexa - February 16

R U Kidding!!! "Good form of birth control"? That is one uncalled for comment! I would have flipped on that doctor. Any child would scream at that examination. A catheter? I would've cried too! How dare she. You shouldve smacked her! Thats just my opinion.


lexa - February 16

Oh, and most importantly, I really hope your lo is feeling better!!!!


piratesmermaid - February 17

I also hope your lo will be 100% really soon! I dunno if I could have kept my mouth shut after that comment!! I know my husband would've had something to say (and probably worth banning us from the clinic, haha.)


EMBERBABY - February 17

Yeah a baby crying at a doctor's visit! Unheard of! What a dumb comment by that doctor. Hope your lo is feeling better.


Rabbits07 - February 17

First, why didn't they just put a wee bag on him? Duh! They could have had a virtually painless urine specimen probably within 10-15 minutes. Second, I don't blame you for wanting to smack her. You know, I've had people say dumb, rude things to me before and I just don't say anything and leave fuming. I think the next time someone says something like that I'm going to put them on the spot and ask them exactly what their comment is supposed to mean......see how they feel when they have to explain exactly why they said something so rude and stupid.



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