Crib Bedding Is Bumper Pads And Blankets Necessary

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sydney - February 26

I was discussing an article at the NICU with nurses about crib bedding and SIDS; is it necessary to use bumper pads and blankets. This article said that you should just make sure the room is 70 degrees and to dress baby appropriately. All the nurses agreed with this article as well. I have not yet bought a set yet and I figure if this is true then I can just stock up on nice sheets for now. Any other moms out there who agree with this?????


Emily - February 26

I have read not to use bumpers and blankets. You can use sleep sacks, not lose blankets. I never used bumpers, but I have used a blanket. Of course my baby was full term, if you were talking with NICU nurses, I gather yours was a premie. I am not sure of this but are premies more at risk for SIDS. I read an article lately about they think they found an abnormality in the brain of SIDS babies in the part of the brain that controls the ability to regulate body tempurature and the ability to breathe. My kids both were very good at moving their heads around when they were little so I felt comfortable enough to use a blanket on them, but always tucked it under their arms and the sides of the crib too. It is your choice, but most people feel better not using these items.


Heather F - February 26

i neverf bought a bumper for my crib and I didnt introduce a blanket until dd was 8 months old. I bought crib sheets and a dust ruflle and I never got the crib set.


CyndiG - February 26

The bumper is really just for pretty. It won't be very long at all they'll be using it as a step to get to the top of the crib. My dd is 7 months and that's what she does. The sleep sacks are nice. Or even just a sleeper. My dd sweats like crazy, and is probably warm enough, but I just feel better if she's all covered. :O}


ashtynsmom - February 26

I never used a bumper pad, and jsut started using a thin afghan type blanket ( with holes) at 11 mos. I am just terrified of SIDS, so I don't take any unnecessary chances!


olivia - February 26

I bought a bumper and blanket and never used them with dd. I used the bumper for a few months for looks, but then her doctor told me it was time for it to come off when she was wiggling a lot at 5 months. I thought it was a big waste, but I hung in across the top of her room as border on one wall. The blanket I NEVER used until my ds was born, now I lay it on the floor for him to lay on and my dd make it into a big bed for all her stuffed animals. So I'd say, no it is definatly not necessary to have them, but if you want to get them to cuten up the nursery, you'll find some way of using them at some point (I had the blanket hanging on the wall over the changing table for a while and my dd would point to the animals and stuff).


DB - February 26

Just get some sleep sacks. I love these things. It's nice because there are so many different styles. I have some fleeces ones with sleeves for when it's really cold, some sleeveless fleece ones, a terry cloth sleeveless one and a lighter cotton sleeveless one. I'm terrified of blankets too. My dd is still in our room (only 4weeks old) so once she moves to her room I'll take out the bumper (so basically it's a waste, it just looks nice).


AshleyB - February 26

I've always swaddled my ds and laying a light blanket over him in the ba__sinett, and he just recently (he's 11wks) started getting out of it and starts kicking alot and shimmying the blanket up towards his head, so no more blankets!! I did buy him a sleep sack and that is nice. The comforter that comes with the crib bedding I think is just for decoration or can be used when baby is much bigger. But I've not had a use for it yet. I like the bumper, but this is my first baby, so I've not got much experience yet whether it's a necessity or not. I've heard of lo's getting their arms and legs stuck out the slats, so I don't know.


melissa g. - February 26

my baby dd slept in her travel crib until 5 months and then moved into her crib so bumpers werent an issue early on -- but then we used the bumper and guess what, at 12 months, its still on! she always sleeps in sleep sacks, so she cant climb on anything. we took it off for awhile but put it back on -- she was sticking her legs thru and she oftentimes sleeps with her head right next to the headboard which is hard cold wood -- so we put it back on.


mandee25 - February 26

My bumper pad was a total waste of money. I haven't used it yet.


DeeJay - February 26

I use my bumpers, and i also use blankets as my house is so cold and my dd did not like those sleep sacks at all. I just use light weight blankets that she can move herself, (she is 6 months). As for the bumpers I think they are really just for show too, but sometimes she sqirms up to the corner, so they keep her from banging her head too much. As soon as she is able to pull herself up though I guess I will take them out.


Jmom - February 26

I bought the entire set and used the bumper. In the begining it was fr decoartion, but then ds started to sleep in the corner and would keep his head up against the bars- so iw as glad to have it, then when he started to move and I took the bumper out, I needed to put it back in b/c his legs would get stuck outof the crib. I just recently took it out again at about 10 months.


Mommy_to_be - February 26

Bumper pads are recommended to be used until the child is 6 months old to keep limbs out from between the bars. My dd loved to stick her arms and legs out of the changing table slats! I actually bought a "breathable bumper" online from Target /'s a bumper that if your lo likes to bury their face into things trying to eat them (my dd again) will prevent them from suffocating. Blankets are also not recommended til a child is over a year old. Like many of the posters said - the wearable blankets are good to use. You would be smart just to stock up on sheets in my opinion!


sydney - February 27

Thank you ladies for all your advice. I have as of yet to buy a set, and I think that I will just do nice soft mattra__s sheets for a while. I have not heard of sleep sacks. I will investigate about them.


AnytimeLittleone - February 27

Hi sydney... load up on the sheets, you'll need them, especially when teething starts and theres drool everywhere! I would like to add.. that I never bought bumper pads... but went through a period where I wished I had them. When dd first learned to roll.. and army crawl.. she would roll with force into the crib bars... or army crawl, and whack her head at the top of the crib. She had enough ability to roll away from the side of the crib if bumper pads hadve been there, so sids risk would have been low. It would have protected her from the intial b__w, and she wouldnt have screamed so much at night. This phase only lasted about 2 weeks. Maybe buy used bumper pads incase you need them, and then you arnt spending a fortune on things you only need for 2 weeks.



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