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DDT - October 26

I just took my ds's (8 months old) bumper off today because for the last week or so he's been pulling it down on the one side and even getting it undo and pulled into his crib. But I worry that when he starts sitting and pulling up in there he will bonk his head very easily? is this something I shouldn't be worrying about because all kids deal with bumps? or is having the bumper worth it?


KimS - October 26

Hey DDT, I've never had bumper pads on, and as you know Logan is standing and sitting in his crib.. occasionally he falls asleep with his head against the rail and wakes up with marks on his face but he has never hit his head... the biggest problem I've had is him getting his limbs, mostly his legs, stuck out the rails. After about a week or so he caught on and hardly ever gets stuck anymore. Kim


DB - October 26

Hi DDT. I had a bumper up when Audrey was in her ba__sinet, but as you know I'm a SIDS psycho! I was scared she'd roll into it and suffocate...yes, I'm flipping, she's never had a bumper up in the crib and has never had a problem.


JerseyGirl - October 27

I just bought the Breathable Bumper last week and it's a great alternative to the regular bumpers (which I had to remove from the crib when my DS was like 6 weeks old b/c he moved all around the crib). This bumper prevents my son from banging his head and getting his legs/feet & arms/hands stuck between the slats on the crib. It was designed with SIDS in mind: the fabric allows air to flow through it, so if your l.o.'s face is pressed up against it, they will still be able to breathe if they're not physically able to move their heads out of the way. It was $25 at Babies R Us. I highly suggest it.


DDT - October 27

Thanks ladies. Well, yesterday, last night and this morning were a disater without the bumper. I haven't had such a bad night in months. Firstly, he wouldn't nap without me resorting to CIO. Then last night he wouldn't go to bed until 7:15pm (I attempted to put him down at 6:30pm), he woke up COUNTLESS times last night including a 5am wakeup call with him screetching because he had gotten his leg jammed between the bars. I have put the bumper back on now. I don't have a fear of SIDS at this stage, I just thought he may prefer it without the bumper but obviously he doesn't. It might have been coincidence so we will see how tonight goes. Thanks again!


jessie - October 28

Hey DDT: Like DB I am another "SIDS psycho" and removed the bumper at about 5 months w/o problems. DS did have an adjustment period of a few days, not sleeping and fussing after I put him down. I think he was getting used to the view!


docbytch - October 28

what is CIO? something else for us to keep in mind: how do our babies manage to breathe while their little faces are stuffed up next to our bodies? Like when wearing a snuggly? or how about when bfing?? it's amazing they can get air at all really. I think the bumper thing may not be that worrisome in the scheme of things. just something I've been wondering about


DDT - October 28

CIO=Cry It Out ...thanks again for all the advice ladies. For now the bumper is worth keeping on though. Ds has gotten used to swiveling around and laying with feet & head touching the sides of the crib. Without the bumper he keeps bumping his head and crying out about it. Like I've said 8 months I no longer have a fear of SIDS...when ds started moving around in his crib (4-5 months on) I knew that he could get out of a situation that hampered his breathing.


kristine - October 29

Hello ladies! For anyone that has a similar situation, I just wanted to let you know what I did. I am also a little paranoid when it comes to SIDS, and my son is very active in his crib. At our 4 month appt, the ped. suggested we take his bumpers out, so we did. Well, the next 2 weeks were horrible with night wakings because he kept on getting his limbs stuck in the slats of the crib and would cry out for us because he couldn't figure out how to get them free. I bought breathable mesh crib bumpers that I found online and we have had them on since (he is now 6 months old). We don't have to worry about him suffocating because they are mesh, and we also don't have to worry about him getting his little limbs stuck. Just wanted to let you guys know that breathable bumpers are out there. :)


countrymom401 - October 29

I took the bumpers out of ds crib when he was 3 months old. I went in one night and he was stuck underneath it and screaming poor little guy. I foumd that after I took them out he slept WAY better. I think that he liked being able to look around and see his room. As for his legs he still pokes them out the side but it doesn't seem to bug him. He always sleeps right beside the rails and always has. So often a arm or leg poke out. I sleep with my foot off the matress and so I think maybe he will too.



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