Crib High Chair Question

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Kimmer23 - July 10

I do not have a baby yet, but I'm pregnant, and I need some advice. My mother has my old crib and high chair that she used when I was little. I'm really hesitant to use them, because they are so old...well, 30 years old. So, I looked up some stuff online, and I found some specifications old cribs and high chairs must meet in order to be ok to use now. But, even if the crib and teh high chair meet those, would you use them? Maybe I'm already being paranoid, but I already care for this baby, and I would die if something happened... And, I feel stronger about teh crib than the high chair. Just wanted some adive from some new moms. Thanks!


mjvdec01 - July 10

Definitely refuse the crib, but do it as gently as possible. You don't want to hurt your mom's feelings. I would tell her that the safety standards have changed and that as much as you love the thought of your little one using the same crib you did, you just can't allow it. As far as the highchair is concerned, as long as you like it, it has safety straps and not splintered wood, or shap edges then I would say go ahead. When I was a baby I had a really cool wood highchair, however there were no safety straps at all. If that is the case with the one she wants you to use, then you just can't. Once babies get a bit older they always want to try and get out and if not strapped in they will stand in them if given the opportunity. We have a 2 and a half year old daughter and when she was younger there was no way she was going in to anything that had straps, without being buckled in. I am 38 weeks pregnant now and the same rules apply for this baby, who by the way will be arriving one week form today!


Kimmer23 - July 11

Thanks so much for you radvice! That's what I leaning toward - no for the crib, but maybe with the high chair (I haven't seen it yet, so I have to check out if it has straps). Congrats on your little one - wow, one week!! That's great!


ACG - July 11

I totally agree. I'd be more comfortable with a used high chair than crib. I had a similar situation, and told my mom I wouldn't be using the crib I and my sister slept in. It was fine when we were little, but it's gotten so much use it's a little rickety now. She understood... I think.



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