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Chelsey - September 12

Okay, so I know that they say to not use crib liners, but I, like many others do....However, after today, I will never use them again, and hope that those that do will stop also. What happened? Well, I put Gabriel down for his nap, at the foot of the crib as always, and checked on him constantly like I always do. 5 minutes after I last checked on him he woke up. He wasn't crying, just groaning and grunting. By the time I got up to his room, (probably 2 minutes after he woke up), he had wiggled and squirmed from the foot of his bed to the head of his bed. I found him with his head right up against the crib bars and the crib liner was completely over his face. Somehow he got his head underneath the liner and it was caught under his chin! I FREAKED!!!! Can you imagine what could have happened if I didn't hear him waking up? Or if I dismissed his grunting, and waited for him to fall back asleep? He would have suffocated! I used a crib liner with my first child, and she never went near it. She always slept right where I lay her. Gabriel is only 8 weeks old, but can move on his back like you wouldn't believe! I thought that he would be alright with the crib liner, because I never wanted to take the chance of his arms or legs (or heaven forbide..his head), getting caught in the bars of the crib. My mistake. The liner has 6 points where it ties to the crib, and I never dreamed it would move enough for him to get caught! I used to think that liners made the crib look cute and comfy. They aren't so cute anymore! I'm going to freakin' burn it! Please consider this, and get rid of your crib liners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BBK ® © - September 12

OMG Chelsey, that sounds like a very scary situation. We still use the ba__sinet, but since a crib will replace it soon, I'll keep that in mind.


bump - September 13



N - September 13

chelsey i totally agree with you. My situation wasn't as bad, but it still scared the c___p out of me! I went in because he was crying like he was in pain and he had one of his legs all twisted up in the bumper pads.. all i could think was, what if that was his neck?? plus it took me a good ten minutes to get him out because it was still tied on and he was so tighly wrapped i had to undo it all the way around the crib. I am so careful when it comes to things like that becaues i've had two babies in my family die from completely preventable accidents (one died because the screen wasn't locked and no one noticed him get out.. they found him floating in the lake.. the other died because he got ahold of the cord for the blinds and strangled himself to death). I actually used my bumper pads and some old recieving blankets to make a quilt for him that is MUCH warmer than the one that came with the set because the filling for the bumper pads is thicker.. and it's a bit bigger so it fits a toddler bed too, and it matches! hehehehe.. martha stuart eat your heart out! I have a friend who put a paper latern type light above her daughter's crib, and lets the cord dangle down beside the crib "so she can reach the switch to turn the light on and off".. I don't know, maybe i'm just overly paranoid about these things, but the things my son can do scare me, the things i don't know he can do scare me more.. i think i'm done ranting and raving now...


chelsey - September 13

OMG, N, your post has me shocked. I'm so sorry to hear about those babies. That is awful! I am so afraid that someday, I unwillingly become careless, and something happens to one of my children. I wouldn't live. I cant count the many times that my 3 year old has done something that makes me swallow my heart. Like shaking the 50 gallon aquarium, or climbing on things and falling. Never turn your back for a second. (if you can help it) Good idea about the bumper pads. I think I'll make the 2 I have into a play mat on the floor! That'll be comfy!



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