Crib Or Bassinet

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Kim - September 27

When should you start using the crib at night? I've heard that you should use a bassinet for the first few months. But will it be hard for the baby to adjust to sleeping in his own bed? What is the best time to make the switch?


Noams - September 27

I plan to use both, I will use the ba__sinett ( that can go moved around and put on a jogger) when I am moving around the house, and will use the crib at night and when I am having a rest in my room. I only used a ba__sinet with my first child for the first few months, then I put him in a cot when he was awake with toys to look at so he felt comfy, he soon got used to falling asleep in it.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 27

We use a ba__sinet for the first 3-4 weeks and ever since then she has been in her own room sleeping all night long. When we have another baby someday, we will put them in their crib right away.


Laikens Mom - September 28

I started using the crib at 3 weeks just because I could never sleep with my son in the ba__sinet. I would wake up over any noise that he made. Now he sleeps in the crib, but I have a monitor in my room so I can hear him when he starts crying. He is now 6 weeks old, and sleeps anywhere from 4-6 hours.


Kim - September 28

Thanks for the tips!


MJM - September 28

My daughter was in her own room in a crib right from the time we got home from the hospital. My daughter still to this day will not sleep anywhere but her own room unles she sleeps at her aunt and uncles house. Save the money on the ba__sinet and just get a crib


Jamie - September 29

We got a ba__sinet and a crib for our daughter, who is now 7 weeks old...she'll start out in either one, but she always winds up in our bed, cause I'll get her for that nighttime feeding, lay down with her, and we'll both fall asleep. I'm sure that's how it'll be til she sleeps through the night.


Cyndi - October 1

Just use the crib it will be hard for the baby to adjust. My son got so used to his crib he wouldn't sleep anywhere else not even in our bed, it's great to get them used to. A ba__sinet is a waist of money you can only use it for a small amount of time and it's hard to adjust for some babies. Justy stay simple and make it as easy as possible for your little one.



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