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Babycakes - March 12

nder a blanket in her crib as her room gets a little cold at night. she wears the warm footed PJ's now, but I was thinking of alternatives. Thanks....


Babycakes - March 12

sorry, some of my text were chopped off. the Q is , when did u start putting baby under a blanket for sleeping considering SIDS..? dd will be 11 months in 2 days


ashtynsmom - March 12

We jsut started using a blanket around 12 mos, and it is more of an afghan type- with the holes in it... that way I know she can still get air.


sophandbob - March 12

My little one was under a blanket from birth. I wasn't sure of the grobag thingy until we had to use one once with a travel cot. Blankets aren't that scary so long as you 'apple pie' them, ie; really tuck under the edges. If I had to choose those I'd now say I'm a grobag convert.


SonyaM - March 12

My son is 17 months old and I'm still not using a blanket. I bought an afghan type and still freak out. Plus he is never is one place very long so he wouldn't stay under it anyway.


LisaB - March 12

I started with a blanket around a year it is a light weight blaket that he has taken too. I feel it is safe I also have a bit thicker blanket that we started using a few months ago cuz it was so cold. He does fine with both


DeeJay - March 12

I have always used a blanket, when she started rolling over I was worried and bought one of those wrap things, she hated it, so back to a blanket. We use 2 lightweight ones, that way she can get them off if she wants or even if they are over her head they are thin enough to get air. But she never really pulled them over her head.


Felisha - March 12

well i have always used a blanket too. she has her cib elevated so when i put the blanket on her when she squirms it falls toward her feet. but she clutchs a corner in her fist and holds it while she sucks her thumb she is 3mths


luviduvi - March 12

We used blankies with both of my children since birth. My babies were always swaddled and slept in wedges. I would place a big blankie on top and tuck the edges under the wedge. By the time he can wiggle out of it, he should be able to wiggle himself out of anything. My ds is 5 mths old and still wants swaddling w/ his plush blankie. He is still sleeping in a wedge too.


Erin1979 - March 12

I started using a blanket after my daughter outgrew the blanlet sleeper...about 6 months. We just put warm pjs on her, and only brought the blanket up to her armpits. She's 18 months now, and loves to snuggle with her blanket.



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